Most Common Laning Phase Mistakes in League of Legends

The laning phase in League of Legends is crucial, setting the stage for the rest of the game. Here are some of the most common laning phase mistakes players make and how to fix them:

1. Poor CS (Creep Score) Management

  • Mistake: Missing last hits on minions, leading to low gold and experience gain.

  • Solution:

    • Practice: Spend time in custom games focusing solely on last-hitting under different conditions (with no items, with items, under tower).

    • Wave Management: Learn to freeze, slow push, and fast push waves to control the lane position.

    • Itemization: Use starting items that enhance your ability to last hit, like Doran’s Blade or Doran’s Ring.

2. Overextending

  • Mistake: Pushing the lane too far without proper vision, making you vulnerable to ganks.

  • Solution:

    • Ward Placement: Always have wards in key locations like river bushes and enemy jungle entrances.

    • Map Awareness: Regularly check the minimap for missing enemies and jungler positioning.

    • Wave Control: Avoid auto-pushing the wave unless you have vision and are confident in your ability to escape or fight a gank.

3. Poor Trading

  • Mistake: Engaging in unfavorable trades that result in losing more health than the enemy.

  • Solution:

    • Understand Matchups: Know the strengths and weaknesses of both your champion and your lane opponent.

    • Cooldown Tracking: Trade when the enemy’s key abilities are on cooldown.

    • Minion Advantage: Use your minion wave to your advantage; trading when you have more minions can turn the fight in your favor.

4. Ignoring Jungle Pressure

  • Mistake: Not coordinating with your jungler or failing to respect the enemy jungler’s presence.

  • Solution:

    • Communication: Regularly communicate with your jungler about their plans and potential gank opportunities.

    • Jungle Tracking: Keep an eye on the enemy jungler’s likely position based on their last known location and the status of jungle camps.

    • Vision Control: Place deep wards in the enemy jungle to provide advanced warning of incoming ganks.

5. Inadequate Ward Coverage

  • Mistake: Not placing enough wards or placing them in suboptimal locations.

  • Solution:

    • Sweepers and Control Wards: Use Oracle Lens and control wards to deny enemy vision and maintain vision control.

    • Strategic Warding: Place wards in high-traffic areas where the enemy is likely to move through.

    • Regular Ward Checks: Regularly check and refresh your wards to ensure continuous coverage.

6. Not Backing at the Right Time

  • Mistake: Staying in lane with low health or mana, risking death, or losing out on potential buys.

  • Solution:

    • Recall Timing: Recall after shoving a wave into the enemy tower to minimize lost CS and experience.

    • Health and Mana Management: Back when you have enough gold for key items and are low on health or mana.

    • Teleport Management: If you have Teleport, use it strategically to return to lane quickly without missing much.

7. Mismanaging Resources

  • Mistake: Using abilities and summoner spells inefficiently, leaving you vulnerable.

  • Solution:

    • Resource Awareness: Manage your mana and cooldowns carefully, especially if you know a fight or gank is imminent.

    • Efficient Spell Use: Use abilities primarily for last-hitting and trading when it’s safe and efficient.

    • Cooldown Management: Track your summoner spells and abilities’ cooldowns and plan your actions accordingly.

8. Tunnel Vision

  • Mistake: Focusing too much on your lane and missing opportunities or dangers elsewhere.

  • Solution:

    • Map Awareness: Develop the habit of frequently glancing at the minimap to stay informed about the entire game state.

    • Roaming Opportunities: Look for opportunities to roam and assist other lanes, especially if you’ve pushed your wave.

    • Ping System: Use the ping system to communicate with your team about potential threats or opportunities.

9. Not Adapting to Enemy Strategy

  • Mistake: Failing to adjust your playstyle based on the enemy’s actions and items.

  • Solution:

    • Itemization: Build items that counter the enemy’s strengths (e.g., armor against AD champions, magic resist against AP champions).

    • Playstyle Adjustment: If the enemy is playing aggressively, play more defensively and wait for your jungler.

    • Observation: Pay attention to the enemy’s build and playstyle, and adapt accordingly.

10. Greed and Overcommitment

  • Mistake: Chasing kills too aggressively or overcommitting to fights.

  • Solution:

    • Risk Assessment: Always assess the risk versus reward before committing to a fight or chase.

    • Discipline: Practice self-control and patience, waiting for the right moment to engage.

    • Backup Plans: Have an escape plan in mind before diving in, especially if you lack vision.


Improving your laning phase and not doing some of the most common laning phase mistakes involves a combination of mechanical skill, game knowledge, and situational awareness. By addressing these common mistakes and consistently practicing good habits, you can significantly enhance your performance and impact on the game.

Fixing such mistakes can be very difficult by your own so if you want to fasten up the process, don’t hesitate and HIRE A PROFESSIONAL COACH NOW!