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Try League of Legends Coaching LOL Coaching Risk Free! Here at ForgivenBlade Coaching, we focus on putting our students at the highest priority providing the best LOL Coaching Experience, their needs, and their goals, to give them the best possible outcome, save them time from playing hundreds and hundreds of games without any progress and not just help them improve knowledge wise in the game but to also understand the psychological part of the game which is very often overlooked. We are one of the few in the industry who invest time to educate ourselves about psychology and learning techniques. This knowledge helps us to fit our lessons individually to each student and speeds up the process. During our lessons we will show you new perspectives on the game and new methods to handle different game situations. Some of these lessons might prove to be a valuable gain in your every day life!


Our mission, vision and values


Give the dream outcome to our students, save them time, make it as painless and effortless as possible for them and increase their chances of achieving what they have in mind


Grow as much as possible, dream scenario to become if not the best at least one of the best in this industry


1) 100% Fast and guaranteed results

2) Try risk-free with 100% refund if not satisfied

3) Doing our best to match the desired time and day of our students

4) There to help and be supportive even after the lesson/s has/have been done

5) We do not only focus on things about the game like mechanics, champions, wave management but also on the mental/psychological part of the game which is very important yet insanely overlooked

6) Consultations are free

7) Lessons are not done until everything has been cleared out completely and there are no more questions left

8) Create proper plans depending on the needs of each student

9) Creating a healthy mindset/mental that is not just going to help them within their games but even in real-life


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