1 Secret for your climb in League of Legends, that I’m going to teach you in this blog and how to start your climb in League of Legends. Unleashing your true potential and starting to move towards your dream rank! Climbing in League of Legends can be very difficult but not after you go through this blog

I will give you some extra tips to climb and tell you my story as to how I managed to go from a player who was playing the game since the start of season 3. Being hard stuck diamond up to season 9 reaching 253LP on EUNE.

Then making my big breakthrough during the last few months of season 11. Reaching 653LP with less than 400 games on EUW playing Yasuo and Yone Top lane. Becoming one of the best coaches for Skillcapped and privately

”My team is holding me back and I can’t climb” ”I am being inted every game” ”If I had better teammates I would be in the rank I deserve”

Do these phrases sound familiar to you? Yeah….

Let’s get back to the subject now. Your climb in League of Legends can be difficult. Well, I have heard things like these from my students a lot. It always ended up being not just their teammates not doing well but they as well.

The games that we would go through with them, no matter if it would be a live game or a VOD Review. Would always end up them having the opportunity to do so many things in a different way. Potentially changing the outcome of the game and getting the odds to be more even or to their favour!

The majority of us who play competitive games, especially that is for team games. You rely on other people than just yourself to be able to win the game. But what if I told you there is a secret that a very small minority of players know and use in their games?


That secret to climb in League of Legends is having a growth mindset. You focus on what you can control and influence leaving everything else to the side. Not without allowing external factors to affect your gameplay

league of legends mental psychology

Also, comment below WHAT FRUSTRATES YOU THE MOST in your own experience when playing League of Legends or just SOLOQ?

Having a growth mindset will help you focus on yourself. What you do or how consistent you are. Things that you can learn or simply things that you already know, can start improving on to get them ”perfect”.

Now, we can’t get anything perfect really but this is what we want to strive for. To be able and perform the best that we possibly can. Getting to understand human psychology is, I will emphasize the following word: KEY, IT IS KEY.

lol mental

Why you would ask? Why should I get to understand human psychology to get better in a game like League?

The more you get to understand why things happen the more sense it makes.

If your teammate starts running the game down or acting in a very childish way for something small like accidentally taking one of his minions is not something a human being with a good mental or physical state or in some cases both would do.

league of legends kill steal ks lol

Getting mad at him or her would not help you or screaming at him.

This is like going to the grocery store. Bumping into someone by accident or because the aisle is small, saying sorry and them screaming back at you. ”HEY WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU WANNA FIGHT” and then starting to curse you out.

league of legends tilt flame

Do you think that person is well? Of course not! Something is off and you are not the reason or at least the main reason why he reacted like that.

Maybe something is wrong for him on that specific day, he might have lost his job, maybe he has been going mistreated by someone he loves.

Maybe his childhood was very rough so he is left with traumatized now not being able to deal with his issue or issues and behaving in this certain way.

Of course, there can be so many other reasons but you get the point. This is the same thing with your teammates when they get to act in such a way.

When you can get to realize the cause as to why they start behaving in such a way, it is much easier for you to be okay with it, allowing yourself to not be affected and to try and perform your best.

Now, there is another thing in the mental/mindset aspect of the game which is learning to deal with uncertainty. This ties back to some extent to what we said before but in the uncertainty aspect of the game, you can include the following things.

how to deal with uncertainty

Not being able to win every game, you are just 10% of the games that you play in, you will be getting weak sided or camped without there being much to do about.

You had teammates who tilt and won’t stop even after kindly asking them to stop, not being able to win every single one of your games, receiving unjustified loses where you were supposed to win but there will be games where you underperformed and still win.

Something extra to keep in mind is the reason why we always say and I quote: ”My team always run down my games” is because the human mind gets to remember bad events much easier than good ones.

negative moments emotions memory

Bad events or memories are much more sticky and you start having this kind of victim mindset where you start justifying why you are where you are in your current situation making yourself feel better instead of going with the harsh uncomfortable truth where you can say: I could have done better this game.

You would also not like to have negativity around you. Either cut those people off or keep it to a minimum. That is very sticky as well, this kind of energy and it starts to pull you down. That is pretty much the saying:

”Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”.

No complaining, no bitching. Vent a bit, accept responsibility for your actions, be better and move forward. No matter if you win or lose you can always learn something new and improve.


My story started at the end of season 2 beginning of season 3 starting as a support main playing Morgana and Leona hovering around mid to high silver elo but not able to go into gold and get the victorious skin that everyone was looking for.

Then moving to mid lane playing Yasuo and Ekko climbing slowly but surely to gold and platinum elo. I was watching videos on how to become better at the game.

I was getting banned unfortunately for my bad behavior and poor mental and just starting new accounts over and over again just to get them banned a few months down the road.

Tried out a few more different champions hoping I can start climbing even more in League. In the end, I made my final decision to move towards the top lane. I fell in love with that role and how almost if not all combat was face-to-face, being able to punish your opponent and get huge leads by just making a good play and following up on that.

Sticking with that role from season 7 up to today’s date being my favourite role in the game. Going up and down once again, getting banned and getting up to Diamond 5 during season 8 being extremely stuck. Feeling so lost for the first few months but yet like I was on top of the world. I FINALLY GOT TO REACH DIAMOND

Season 9 came around and I started to improve much more significantly. Watching more educational videos for LoL, and putting even more time into the game. There was finally so light in the tunnel. Made it out of Diamond 5 into Diamond 4 then eventually Diamond 2 getting into Master tier for the first time ever since I started playing the game.

A few weeks later I managed to get 253LP which was Grandmaster at the time over at EUNE but it didn’t last long. Now I went back down into the Diamond Tier and stayed there.

Improvement had done and I eventually moved permanently over to EUW making it the server I mainly play on, bouncing between Diamond 2 and low master tier. I did not know what was wrong.

I had some games where I would completely stomp the enemy team and other games where I would not perform at all which resulted into just going between the ranks up and down all the time.

Season 10 is pretty much the same story just as in season 9

Then season 11 comes. I finally finished my placement games, fast-forwarding a few months later same the same results just like in the previous 2 seasons. I did not know what to do. Something was really wrong. Then I came across a video about how to deal with uncertainty and it is like this opened my eyes. My head exploded.

I was playing while having this video in the background, listening to it on repeat for days in a row and I finally started to see some results eventually managing to get around 450 LP in master ELO unfortunately dropping to 150 and getting that account permabanned for bad behavior.

So we are back now to square 1. Devastation hit me. Felt hopeless and crushed but I had no other options than starting again so that is what I did. I got a smurf account in platinum 1 that was an account to just chill, relax and play for fun.

I had it lying around and started to grind once again getting it from Platinum 1 to my peak of 653LP with a 60% win rate only within one and a half month.

Mind you up to season 9 or maybe even 10 it was I had well over 10 accounts perma banned.

The reason why I was able to make a breakthrough and get to where I am right now is because of everything that we talked about in this video. In my case, I had very bad childhood trauma and a lot of insecurities.

Decided to go to therapy and that opened my eyes to what I am teaching you today. Immediately I started to do research and learn more about how the human brain and psychology work and everything started clicking in my head.


So this is how important having a good mental, mindset and understanding of human psychology is. Honestly, this is the biggest factor as to what separates someone good from the best players. Of course, there are other factors as well but this is truly what makes the biggest difference.

If you take a look at someone like Michael Jordan or anyone else who is one of the best. This is exactly what they are talking about. Mindset and mentality.

It gets you steps ahead of your rivals and allows you to perform in such a way where no one would believe before that was possible. By you or if not by anyone in existence

There is always a first time for everything that people say that is impossible. So how do you know you might not be the first to achieve something that has been not done before? Until you do not try, you will never know.

So what are you waiting for? Start taking accountability for your actions. Focus on what you can control and influence. Look up the right sources of information and get to work!