Here, we will go over the top 6 TIPS AND TRICKS for LOL that will help you win more games.

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League of Legends is a game made by Riot Games. Quite a complex game with many concepts to learn.

No matter if you are a beginner or a long-time player in the low ranks, LOL can be very frustrating to play when you do not know where to start so here are the top 6 TIPS AND TRICKS to start improving in League of Legends significantly.

When we all started playing League for the first time we were not guided towards a specific direction.

It was just a simple and short tutorial showing a few champions to pick from, kill the enemy champions, their towers, minions and eventually their nexus resulting in the win.

But what after that?

No more guides are being provided and that is when you might start feeling lost so here are the best 5 tips and tricks for League of Legends that we from believe will get you started towards improving in LOL and ranking up!

Here are the 6 tips and tricks for LOL that we will be going over!


1. Have the correct mindset
2. Keep your champion pool small
3. Learn wave management
3.1 Freezing
3.2 Slow Pushing
3.3 Fast Pushing
4. Have better camera control
5. Be aware of the minimap
6. Stop making things more difficult
7. Conclusion

Tips and Tricks LOL #1. Have the correct mindset

league of legends human psychology lol mental lol mindset

– Why should I get to understand human psychology to get better in a game like League?

Well, glad you asked. Having the correct mentality and mindset going into a game is very important no matter if you are a beginner in League of Legends, a long-time player or even a high ELO player. This is what separates the very good from the best players. Getting to understand the psychological part of the game is KEY!, and I emphasize it!

– Why should I get to understand human psychology to get better in a game like League?

The more you get to understand why things happen the more sense it makes. If your teammate starts running the game down or acting in a very childish way for something small like accidentally taking one of his minions or quote on quote his kill is not something a human being with a good mental or physical state or in some cases both would do. Getting mad at him or her would not help you or screaming at him.

This is like going to the grocery store, bumping into someone by accident or because the aisle is small, saying sorry and then screaming back at you ”HEY WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU WANNA FIGHT” and then starting to curse you out.

Do you think that person is well? Of course not, something is off and you are not the reason or at least the main reason why he reacted like that.

Maybe something is wrong for him on that specific day, he might have lost his job, maybe he has been mistreated by someone he loves or his childhood was very rough so he is left with childhood trauma now not being able to deal with his issue or issues and behaving in this certain way.

Of course, there can be so many other reasons but you get the point. This is the same thing with your teammates when they get to act in such a way. When you can get to realize the cause as to why they behave in such a way it is much easier for you to be okay with it, allowing yourself to not be affected and to try and perform your best

Now, there is another thing in the mental/mindset aspect of the game which is learning to deal with uncertainty. This ties back to some extent to what we said before but in the uncertainty aspect of the game, you can include the following things.

Not being able to win every game, you are just 10% of the games that you play in, you will be getting weak-sided or camped without there being much to do about, having teammates who tilt and won’t stop even after kindly asking them to stop, not being able to win every single one of your games, receiving unjustified loses where you were supposed to win but there will be games where you underperformed and still win.

Also, focus on improving and performing better than the last game. Having a growth mindset where you focus on what you can control and influence leaving everything else to the side without allowing external factors to affect your gameplay

If you win or lose, that does not matter to you. If you can magically get from Bronze to Diamond that would be very cool but skill-level wise you are still Bronze, you have not progressed whatsoever this way. Sure you gained LP but nothing else, so what is the point of all those points gained when once you start playing you will get back to where you should be?

Tips and Tricks LOL #2. Keep your champion pool small

lol champion pool league of legends champ pool

– Keeping your champion pool small is very important because you get to pay much less attention to your champion the more familiar you get with him. This frees up a lot of your attention and brain power which then you can look to put into the other aspects of the game.

The more attention you get to free up and the less effort you put into one particular thing the easier everything else starts to become as time goes by. Your brain is becoming less and less occupied.

If you have not figured out the champions that you wanna stick with, look up sites like LOL WIKI for the list of all League of Legends champions categorized by their role. Pick up a few, try them out, stick with the ones that you enjoy and have the most with.

Once that is done search League of Legends Champion Guides and look for guides on the specific champion or champions that you have decided to stick with. I would highly recommend MOBAFIRE for written champion guides and LoLDobby on YouTube for video guides.

The less mechanically intense the champions you pick up are going to be, the faster you will be able to learn them and become good at them.

You can also utilize the free champion pool rotation that Riot Games is offering in the game so you can test out champions without having to buy them with Blue Essence.

Tips and Tricks LOL #3. Learn Wave Management

wave management lol wave management league of legends wave control lol wave control league of legends

Wave management in lol also called wave manipulation or wave tactics is one of the most important concepts in League of Legends. Waves are consistently spawning throughout the game and knowing how to manage them and use them to your advantage is crucial.

They provide 2 out of 3 sources that you can gain an advantage and they are Gold and Experience. The third one is objectives with which they also help to gain access to them. Objectives are turrets, dragons or drakes, rift helard and baron nashor.

By using the waves to create pressure you buy yourself and your team some downtime or free time to do an objective in a much more safe and advantageous way.

It becomes more difficult for the enemy team to make a decision. Do they go for the waves, do they contest the objective or split and do a little bit of both? It is difficult to be put in that spot, right? EXACTLY!

Now about Wave Management in LoL, there are 3 types: Freezing, Slow Pushing and Fast Pushing.

3.1 Freezing

– Freezing is when your wave and the enemy’s wave are sitting at the place for an extended period of time. You can achieve that by letting your wave be at a minion disadvantage, not too much, not too little, resulting in the wave staying at the same place. You trim the wave just enough so it is not too big and not too little so in case you need to pull the wave upwards or simply tank it until your new wave arrives and starts tanking for you.

Here is a video example of creating and maintaining a freeze:

3.2 Slow Pushing

– Slow spushing is when your wave is slowly pushing towards the opposite side of the lane. You can achieve that by creating a small minion advantage resulting in the enemy wave dying at a bit faster pace than yourself.

Here is an example of a wave being slow pushed:

3.3 Fast Pushing

– Fast pushing is quite self-explanatory. This is when a wave is pushing towards the opposite side of the lane in a fast pace. You get to achieve that by actively damaging the wave resulting into a crash once the wave reaches the enemy tower.

Here is an example of a wave being fast pushed:

Tips and Tricks LOL #4. Have better camera control

– Having good camera control is one of the most overlooked and underrated ways to improve your gameplay in League of Legends. Knowing how to move your camera, when to do so and when to use unlocked camera versus locked camera.

In a short but simple summary, you would like to use camera locked when:

There is nothing else to see around the map. If you can see everything that is important to you and gives you valuable information about your next move without unlocking your camera then keep it locked. That would be for example during the early stages of the laning phase. What you need to see 90% of the time during that phase of the game is right in front of you. The waves and your opponent.

Camera unlocked would be useless during a skirmish, let’s say a scuttle fight after the 2 junglers have finished their clears. You see their 2 icons on the minimap and immediately move your camera over there to see if you can move and have enough time to do so.

Another example would be when you are making a rotation from Top to mid for example. You need to see the lane that you are going to, to get the information that you need to decide if the roam is going to be worth it or not.

Another great example would be when there is a team fight happening people are spread out in a wide range of area, resulting in you not being able to see everyone or at least as many people as possible at once if you have your camera locked thus you would like to have it unlocked during the majority of the team fights.

A good general rule about camera locked vs camera unlocked is you want your screen to give you as much information as possible and that information to be relevant and something you care for that will affect your next moves or moves.

Tips and Tricks LOL #5. Be aware of the minimap

Minimap awareness is pretty much directly tied to the camera control that we were talking about above at point number 4. If you do not have good minimap awareness, knowing how to use your camera is going to be pointless and vice versa.

Because both things what they do is give you very important information. You will be missing that information or it will be delayed so you will not be able to make the best decision possible for that specific situation.

Tips and Tricks LOL #6. Stop making things more difficult

– Stop making things more difficult for yourself and overcomplicating stuff. Did you pick a new champion? Good, do not spend time on the runes, items and summoners that you should go for. Use an application like U.GG or POROFESSOR to your advantage.

With their application, you will be able to save a lot of time, energy and make things easier for yourself for the champion that you already play or picked up. No need to worry and put any thought process for those things. You will have all the necessary recommendations based on the stats for that specific champion.

This will allow you to put all that time and energy into other things to help you improve at the game so what are you waiting for? Get the U.GG desktop app or POROFESSOR desktop app and save yourself some hassle.


If you are pushing to improve yourself long-term as a League player this guide is just what you have been looking for. Short, simple and straight to the point. It doesn’t have to be a headache finding a specific direction to move to and more importantly finding a proper one.

All the most important things that someone will need to learn and master before moving up the difficulty level during their League of Legends Climb.

Keep in mind this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything that you need to know, but some of the most important things to start building up on. So what has been the most difficult thing or things that you have experienced with League? I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment below!