ONE FOR ALL – Best Champions Season 14

The One for All game mode in League of Legends brings a unique twist to the classic gameplay. Аllowing teams to unite under the banner of a single champion. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into a diverse selection of champions that excel in the chaos of One for All battles. From resilient tanks to devastating marksmen, these champions offer a wide range of playstyles to suit any team composition.

one for all game mode league of legends lol one for all

The Best Champions for One For All:

malphite one for all

1. Malphite: Malphite’s durability and crowd control abilities make him a cornerstone pick in One for All matches. With his passive shield and disruptive ultimate, Malphite can initiate team fights and withstand incoming damage with ease. His ability to soak up damage while setting up his team for success makes him awesome in any lineup.

elementalist lux one for all

2. Lux: Lux’s versatility and long-range capabilities make her a popular choice for One for All engagements. With her skill-shot crowd control and high burst damage, Lux can single-handedly turn a fight around. Her ability to control from a distance while providing utility to her teammates makes her a potent force to be reckoned with.

high noon yasuo

3. Yasuo: Yasuo’s agility and high-damage potential make him a feared adversary in One for All showdowns. With his fluid combos and ability to dash through enemy lines, Yasuo excels at picking off isolated targets and disrupting enemy formations. His ultimate ability, Last Breath, can turn the tables in team fights. Securing crucial kills and swinging momentum in his team’s favor.

miss fortune one for all

4. Miss Fortune: Miss Fortune’s area-of-effect damage and crowd control abilities make her a popular pick for One for All skirmishes. With her ability to rain down bullets upon her enemies and slow them, Miss Fortune can dictate the pace of team fights and control key objectives. Her ultimate, Bullet Time, is a devastating tool that can wipe out entire enemy teams when used strategically.


5. Zed: Zed’s agility and burst damage make him a lethal assassin in One for All battles. With his ability to dash in and out of combat using W, Zed can catch opponents off guard and secure kills with ease. His ultimate ability, Death Mark, allows him to finish off targets and escape, making him a constant threat on.


6. Amumu: Amumu’s crowd control and teamfighting prowess make him a valuable addition to any One for All team. With his ability to lock down multiple enemies with Q and R, Amumu can create opportunities for his team to capitalize on. His passive, Cursed Touch, also reduces the magic resistance of enemies, amplifying the damage output of his teammates.


7. Jinx: Jinx’s high damage output and long-range attacks make her a force to be reckoned with. With her ability to switch between her minigun and rocket launcher, Jinx can adapt to any situation and shred through enemy defenses. Her ultimate ability, Super Mega Death Rocket, is a global ability that can secure kills from distance.


8. Darius: Darius’s sheer strength and dueling capabilities make him a terrifying target for confrontations. With his powerful axe swings and execution ultimate, Darius can cleave through multiple enemies. His passive, Hemorrhage, applies stacks of bleeding to his targets, increasing his damage output and ensuring that no one can escape his grasp.


In the League of Legends One for All mode, these champions stand out as the cream of the crop. Each offering a unique set of strengths and playstyles to bolster their team’s chances of victory. Whether you prefer the unyielding resilience of Malphite, the radiant power of Lux, the relentless pursuit of Yasuo, the relentless barrage of Miss Fortune, the cunning assassinations of Zed, the impactful crowd control of Amumu, the explosive firepower of Jinx, or the brutal dominance of Darius, these champions are sure to make a lasting impression on any One for All battlefield. So, queue up, assemble your team, choose your champion, and prepare for an unforgettable clash of titans!