laning phase guide lol laning phase guide league of legends

This is going to be the only LANING PHASE GUIDE FOR ALL ROLES IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS you will ever need to get started or improve on your laning phase and start climbing through the ranks!

Do you want to learn everything necessary to get through the laning phase and stomp your opponent making yourself look like a smurf?

We will talk about the different kinds of champions, wave management, trading, positioning, proper recall timers and warding.

If you do not know what wave management is and trading, PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to those 2 things because they are very important

Everything that will be talked about can be applied to every lane no matter if you play Top Lane, Mid Lane or Bot Lane with some small differences between the lanes which are the following:



1. Different Champion Roles/Classes

lol roles champions league of legends laning phase guide

Everything that you need to know about the different champion roles in the game you can find here but here is something to get you quickly introduced:

 In League of Legends there are 7 champion classes and they are the following:

1.1 Controller (Enchanter, Catcher)
1.2 Mage (Burst, Battlemage, Artilery)
1.3 Tank (Vanguard, Warden), Specialist
1.4 Marksman (ADC)
1.5 Fighter (Juggernaut, Diver)
1.6 Specialist
1.7 Slayer (Assassin, Skirmisher)

1.1 Controllers (Catcher, Enchanter)

lol support supports league of legends

Controllers are there to protect their teammates and create opportunities for their teammates.

Basic Enchanters to understand the role are Soraka and Lulu – you will learn how to manage your mana pool, how and when to effectively use your important cooldowns (Crescendo, Wish or Whimsy) and when it’s safe to leave your lane partner to build vision.

Basic Catchers – A few examples are: Blitzcrank or Zyra. Those champions help you to understand how important landing skill shots is and how to apply pressure in lane by “using no CC as CC”

1.2 Mage (Burst,Battlemage, Artilery)

lol mages mages league of legends

Mages are there to wither down their opponents using powerful spells.

Basic Burst Mages – Lux, Annie and Veigar. Those champions will teach you about mana management, damage foresight and importance of crowd control.

Basic Battlemages – the only battlemage I’d recommend to beginners is Malzahar. The class is pretty difficult to play properly, because you have to be constantly moving and trying to deal as much Area of Effect damage as possible without getting hit yourselves.

Basic Artilery mages – Xerath. Artilery mages thrive in poking down opponents making it easier for their teammates to finish them off. This is the best class to understand the mana management.

1.3 Tank (Vanguard, Warden), Specialist

lol tank league of legends tanky tanks laning phase guide

Tanks are there to apply crowd control and soak up as much damage as possible for their teammates.

Basic Vanguards – Leona, Amumu, Rammus. Playing Vanguards teaches you about importance of saving up CC for priority targets, about durability and about peeling (taking focus away from an important teammate onto yourself).

Basic Wardens – Braum, Shen. Wardens’ main goal is to protect their teammates. Playing them teaches you about peeling and about durability.

1.4 Marksman (ADC)

lol adc league of legends adc

Marksman (ADC) are there to deal as much damage as possible without getting hit themselves. The basic marksmen to understand the role are Ashe and Miss Fortune. Playing marksmen teaches you about importance of proper positioning, tracking big cooldowns (engage abilities on the enemy team) and itemization.

1.5 Fighter (Juggernaut, Diver)

lol fighter league of legends fighters laning phase guide

Fighters are there to get behind the enemy lines and wreak havoc to take focus away from their teammates.

Basic Juggernauts – Darius, Garen and Sett. Those champions will help you understand durability, itemization and target priority in team fights.

Basic Divers – Jarvan IV, Olaf or Warwick. They teach you basically the same thing, but contrary to Juggernauts, they have a way of getting into the backline.

1.6 Specialist

league of legends specialists

Specialists as the name suggests, are very unique champions that specialize in certain things. Every specialist champion is very unique and each one of them can teach you new things, but it’s very hard to simplify those champions, so I’ll let you discover them for yourselves.

1.7 Slayer (Assassin, Skirmisher)

league of legends assassins laning phase guide

Slayers are champions capable of taking down enemy champions quickly, even in a 1v2, 1v3 scenario. They’re those huge damage dealers that require a lot of experience on them to play properly.

Basic Assassin I’d recommend to beginner players is Talon. Playing assassins teaches you about understanding damage foresight, roaming, vision control and flanking.

Basic Skirmishers – Jax and Master Yi. Skirmishers get strong with items, so it’s important to understand your level/item power spikes. Skirmishers are one of the best classes in the game in the late stages of the game.

2. Wave Management:

The waves spawn at the same time at 1:05 but reach Top and Bot at 1:38 while at mid at 1:28 because Mid lane is a shorter lane compared to the rest.

lol wave control wave manipulation league of legends wave management laning phase guide

Wave management is one of the most, if not the most important things in League Of Legends. This can differentiate a good player vs the best. There are 3 parts to wave management and they are:

2.1 Fast Pushing

Fast pushing is when you are actively damaging the enemy wave to make it push towards the side of your opponent as quickly as possible. There are lots and different reasons as to why you would like to Fast Push the wave and here are some:

1.1 You want to get a recall to spend your gold and buy items.
1.2 You suspect the enemy jungler is looking to gank your lane.
1.3 You want to dive your opponent under the tower because they are low on HP.

Here is an example of how a Fast Push looks like:

2.2 Slow Pushing

Slow pushing is when you are killing the enemy minions right before they are about to die. This gets to create a very big wave over time which gives you some of the following benefits:

2.1 You keep yourself safe from getting ganked.
2.2 If the enemy laner attacks you, the minions will help you giving you an advantage.
2.3 You create a big wave to dive your opponent with your jungler.

Here is an example of how a Slow Push looks like:

2.3 Freezing

Freezing is when you keep the wave stationary. You achieve that by creating a 3 to 5 minions disadvantage from your side and maintaining the wave like that to keep it in the same place for an extended period of time. Some of the benefits that Freezing gives you are the following:

– Keeps you very safe from getting ganked.
– Very easy to set up ganks because the enemy laner is very far up on the lane.
– Gives very little room for your opponent to trade with you.

Here is an example of how a Freeze looks like:



lol trading guide league of legends trading guide trade laning phase guide

Now, trading directly ties to Wave Management which we talked about above!

Trading is when you and your opponent start interacting with each other dealing damage by using auto attacks or abilities. There is also harassing which means you or your opponent is dealing damage without you or him taking any.

When you start dealing damage directly to your opponent with an auto attack or a targeted you get to pull minion aggro towards you so that needs to be kept in mind. That will not happen if you use an AOE ability like Lux E for example.

Having a level advantage is very crucial in trading, especially during the first 3 levels. The reason for that is until we get to hit level 3 we do not have all of our 3 abilities up meaning the advantage if you are level 2 compared to your opponent being level 1 is HUGE.

The same goes for level 6. If you hit level 6 before your opponent, you get to have your ultimate ability up while they do not. So if any of those scenarios happen to you do not hesitate to fight with your opponent!

Keeping track of abilities and spell cooldowns is another big thing too! If your enemy laner has an ability or 2 on cooldown this is a HUMONGOUS advantage for you.

You should immediately be looking to fight with no hesitation! Not fighting when your opponent has cooldowns on is like being in a fight with someone and him being very tired and you giving him time to rest and recover. Ridiculous, isn’t it? EXACTLY!

Last but not least when trading is keeping track/being aware of where the enemy and ally jungler is. If you suspect the enemy jungler is close, avoid fighting. If your jungler is coming towards your lane or is close to it, make sure to communicate with pings that you want to fight. Then when he comes close, go in and score that kill!



league of legends positioning lol position laning phase guide

Positioning depends on many factors like jungler/s position, ability cooldowns, level advantage, gank potential and more. You need to be very conscious of it but mostly being able to identify good vs bad positioning, especially in the moment (when playing) is through experience AKA playing a lot.

If you will be looking to make it as difficult as possible for your opponent to attack you, you would like to position to the opposite side from where he is. If he sits on the left side of the lane, you go to the right and vice versa.

Maybe you want to position on the opposite side from where he is to set a gank up making him or her stay closer to where your jungler is coming from

If you got abilities on cooldown or a level disadvantage then falling back a bit to avoid trades is going to be the go-to.

When you know you can win a trade you can have ”bad” positioning to bait your opponent into feeling comfortable walking up. Then once he bites the bait you go in and look for the trade/all-in.


lol recall time timers league of legends laning phase guide

Proper recall timers are revolving around the waves once again. Depending on the state of the wave that you have in your lane, your recall is either going to be a bad one or a good one. This has been covered extensively in my video about wave management but here is something regarding that:

A good recall timer would be for example when you get to push the wave and make it crash under the enemy’s tower. This is a good time to recall because the wave is bounce back towards your side (basically slow push) and you will come back to a lane slow pushing towards you, allowing you to get a freeze or catch the wave right on time, losing very little to no minions.

A bad recall timer would be for example when you recall and your wave is pushing towards the enemy laner. That is bad because more minions from the enemy wave die compared to yours, putting you be on a deficit.

!WARNING! Greeding for a tower plate that is worth 125G can be counter-intuitive and in the long run, lose you more gold and lose you opportunities that would be much more beneficial, giving you well over 125G!


lol warding league of legends warding ward laning phase guide

Now last but not least, warding. How do we know WHEN, WHY and WHERE to ward? Warding is giving you vision in areas of fog of war where you can not see if an enemy is going through there, if he is there or if there has been placed an enemy ward.

6.1 When to ward?

Usually, you would like to ward when you notice that you are getting yourself into a vulnerable position. That would be for example when you start pushing towards the side of the enemy team. You start getting further up into the lane, attracting attention wards you.

6.2 Why to ward?

Warding keeps you safe from getting surprised. Possibly getting collapsed on by multiple members but this is not just for safety. Warding and getting vision allows you to see where the enemy is going, so you can set a trap or make a play that is not expected, considering that the enemies don’t know that they went through is warded.

6.3 Where to ward?

Now here I will include what wards to place where. Regular wards because they are invisible should be placed in areas where your opponent will be relatively safe and can clear the ward. That would be for example river or their jungle where they have control of the area.

Control wards should be placed in areas that are under our team’s control meaning usually our jungle.


In conclusion, the laning phase consists of multiple areas that need to be learnt and improved on over time. Requires a very good understanding of them to be able and utilize them to their fullest, giving you the best results possible and resulting in you achieving the rank or goal that you have always been dreaming of.

Whether it is knowing you will get level 6 first, having the better wave state, getting a proper recall timer or having very good vision that saves you from getting killed during a gank, this guide opens up your POV (point of view) and makes you see things in a different light.

Always remember that League Of Legends is a very complex game that requires time, patience, effort and time put into it. Save time not building up bad habits with guides like this one, is completely necessary and a big step forward for anyone trying to learn or get into the game.

Do not be intimidated and remember, everything at the start is difficult but taking it step by step, it becomes much easier over time! Put your mind into it and you will be able to achieve it!

Learn the pros and cons of the champion that you play and play against, learn about wave management with this guide and you will start seeing immediate results in your games. ( Best channel to learn the pros and cons of each champion HERE

If you need help with anything extra, do not hesitate to leave a comment below or come over at my Twitch channel where I stream live and ask me there


1 Secret for your climb in League of Legends, that I’m going to teach you in this blog and how to start your climb in League of Legends. Unleashing your true potential and starting to move towards your dream rank! Climbing in League of Legends can be very difficult but not after you go through this blog

I will give you some extra tips to climb and tell you my story as to how I managed to go from a player who was playing the game since the start of season 3. Being hard stuck diamond up to season 9 reaching 253LP on EUNE.

Then making my big breakthrough during the last few months of season 11. Reaching 653LP with less than 400 games on EUW playing Yasuo and Yone Top lane. Becoming one of the best coaches for Skillcapped and privately

”My team is holding me back and I can’t climb” ”I am being inted every game” ”If I had better teammates I would be in the rank I deserve”

Do these phrases sound familiar to you? Yeah….

Let’s get back to the subject now. Your climb in League of Legends can be difficult. Well, I have heard things like these from my students a lot. It always ended up being not just their teammates not doing well but they as well.

The games that we would go through with them, no matter if it would be a live game or a VOD Review. Would always end up them having the opportunity to do so many things in a different way. Potentially changing the outcome of the game and getting the odds to be more even or to their favour!

The majority of us who play competitive games, especially that is for team games. You rely on other people than just yourself to be able to win the game. But what if I told you there is a secret that a very small minority of players know and use in their games?


That secret to climb in League of Legends is having a growth mindset. You focus on what you can control and influence leaving everything else to the side. Not without allowing external factors to affect your gameplay

league of legends mental psychology

Also, comment below WHAT FRUSTRATES YOU THE MOST in your own experience when playing League of Legends or just SOLOQ?

Having a growth mindset will help you focus on yourself. What you do or how consistent you are. Things that you can learn or simply things that you already know, can start improving on to get them ”perfect”.

Now, we can’t get anything perfect really but this is what we want to strive for. To be able and perform the best that we possibly can. Getting to understand human psychology is, I will emphasize the following word: KEY, IT IS KEY.

lol mental

Why you would ask? Why should I get to understand human psychology to get better in a game like League?

The more you get to understand why things happen the more sense it makes.

If your teammate starts running the game down or acting in a very childish way for something small like accidentally taking one of his minions is not something a human being with a good mental or physical state or in some cases both would do.

league of legends kill steal ks lol

Getting mad at him or her would not help you or screaming at him.

This is like going to the grocery store. Bumping into someone by accident or because the aisle is small, saying sorry and them screaming back at you. ”HEY WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU WANNA FIGHT” and then starting to curse you out.

league of legends tilt flame

Do you think that person is well? Of course not! Something is off and you are not the reason or at least the main reason why he reacted like that.

Maybe something is wrong for him on that specific day, he might have lost his job, maybe he has been going mistreated by someone he loves.

Maybe his childhood was very rough so he is left with traumatized now not being able to deal with his issue or issues and behaving in this certain way.

Of course, there can be so many other reasons but you get the point. This is the same thing with your teammates when they get to act in such a way.

When you can get to realize the cause as to why they start behaving in such a way, it is much easier for you to be okay with it, allowing yourself to not be affected and to try and perform your best.

Now, there is another thing in the mental/mindset aspect of the game which is learning to deal with uncertainty. This ties back to some extent to what we said before but in the uncertainty aspect of the game, you can include the following things.

how to deal with uncertainty

Not being able to win every game, you are just 10% of the games that you play in, you will be getting weak sided or camped without there being much to do about.

You had teammates who tilt and won’t stop even after kindly asking them to stop, not being able to win every single one of your games, receiving unjustified loses where you were supposed to win but there will be games where you underperformed and still win.

Something extra to keep in mind is the reason why we always say and I quote: ”My team always run down my games” is because the human mind gets to remember bad events much easier than good ones.

negative moments emotions memory

Bad events or memories are much more sticky and you start having this kind of victim mindset where you start justifying why you are where you are in your current situation making yourself feel better instead of going with the harsh uncomfortable truth where you can say: I could have done better this game.

You would also not like to have negativity around you. Either cut those people off or keep it to a minimum. That is very sticky as well, this kind of energy and it starts to pull you down. That is pretty much the saying:

”Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”.

No complaining, no bitching. Vent a bit, accept responsibility for your actions, be better and move forward. No matter if you win or lose you can always learn something new and improve.


My story started at the end of season 2 beginning of season 3 starting as a support main playing Morgana and Leona hovering around mid to high silver elo but not able to go into gold and get the victorious skin that everyone was looking for.

Then moving to mid lane playing Yasuo and Ekko climbing slowly but surely to gold and platinum elo. I was watching videos on how to become better at the game.

I was getting banned unfortunately for my bad behavior and poor mental and just starting new accounts over and over again just to get them banned a few months down the road.

Tried out a few more different champions hoping I can start climbing even more in League. In the end, I made my final decision to move towards the top lane. I fell in love with that role and how almost if not all combat was face-to-face, being able to punish your opponent and get huge leads by just making a good play and following up on that.

Sticking with that role from season 7 up to today’s date being my favourite role in the game. Going up and down once again, getting banned and getting up to Diamond 5 during season 8 being extremely stuck. Feeling so lost for the first few months but yet like I was on top of the world. I FINALLY GOT TO REACH DIAMOND

Season 9 came around and I started to improve much more significantly. Watching more educational videos for LoL, and putting even more time into the game. There was finally so light in the tunnel. Made it out of Diamond 5 into Diamond 4 then eventually Diamond 2 getting into Master tier for the first time ever since I started playing the game.

A few weeks later I managed to get 253LP which was Grandmaster at the time over at EUNE but it didn’t last long. Now I went back down into the Diamond Tier and stayed there.

Improvement had done and I eventually moved permanently over to EUW making it the server I mainly play on, bouncing between Diamond 2 and low master tier. I did not know what was wrong.

I had some games where I would completely stomp the enemy team and other games where I would not perform at all which resulted into just going between the ranks up and down all the time.

Season 10 is pretty much the same story just as in season 9

Then season 11 comes. I finally finished my placement games, fast-forwarding a few months later same the same results just like in the previous 2 seasons. I did not know what to do. Something was really wrong. Then I came across a video about how to deal with uncertainty and it is like this opened my eyes. My head exploded.

I was playing while having this video in the background, listening to it on repeat for days in a row and I finally started to see some results eventually managing to get around 450 LP in master ELO unfortunately dropping to 150 and getting that account permabanned for bad behavior.

So we are back now to square 1. Devastation hit me. Felt hopeless and crushed but I had no other options than starting again so that is what I did. I got a smurf account in platinum 1 that was an account to just chill, relax and play for fun.

I had it lying around and started to grind once again getting it from Platinum 1 to my peak of 653LP with a 60% win rate only within one and a half month.

Mind you up to season 9 or maybe even 10 it was I had well over 10 accounts perma banned.

The reason why I was able to make a breakthrough and get to where I am right now is because of everything that we talked about in this video. In my case, I had very bad childhood trauma and a lot of insecurities.

Decided to go to therapy and that opened my eyes to what I am teaching you today. Immediately I started to do research and learn more about how the human brain and psychology work and everything started clicking in my head.


So this is how important having a good mental, mindset and understanding of human psychology is. Honestly, this is the biggest factor as to what separates someone good from the best players. Of course, there are other factors as well but this is truly what makes the biggest difference.

If you take a look at someone like Michael Jordan or anyone else who is one of the best. This is exactly what they are talking about. Mindset and mentality.

It gets you steps ahead of your rivals and allows you to perform in such a way where no one would believe before that was possible. By you or if not by anyone in existence

There is always a first time for everything that people say that is impossible. So how do you know you might not be the first to achieve something that has been not done before? Until you do not try, you will never know.

So what are you waiting for? Start taking accountability for your actions. Focus on what you can control and influence. Look up the right sources of information and get to work!


Here, we will go over the top 6 TIPS AND TRICKS for LOL that will help you win more games.

lol tips and tricks league of legends

League of Legends is a game made by Riot Games. Quite a complex game with many concepts to learn.

No matter if you are a beginner or a long-time player in the low ranks, LOL can be very frustrating to play when you do not know where to start so here are the top 6 TIPS AND TRICKS to start improving in League of Legends significantly.

When we all started playing League for the first time we were not guided towards a specific direction.

It was just a simple and short tutorial showing a few champions to pick from, kill the enemy champions, their towers, minions and eventually their nexus resulting in the win.

But what after that?

No more guides are being provided and that is when you might start feeling lost so here are the best 5 tips and tricks for League of Legends that we from believe will get you started towards improving in LOL and ranking up!

Here are the 6 tips and tricks for LOL that we will be going over!


1. Have the correct mindset
2. Keep your champion pool small
3. Learn wave management
3.1 Freezing
3.2 Slow Pushing
3.3 Fast Pushing
4. Have better camera control
5. Be aware of the minimap
6. Stop making things more difficult
7. Conclusion

Tips and Tricks LOL #1. Have the correct mindset

league of legends human psychology lol mental lol mindset

– Why should I get to understand human psychology to get better in a game like League?

Well, glad you asked. Having the correct mentality and mindset going into a game is very important no matter if you are a beginner in League of Legends, a long-time player or even a high ELO player. This is what separates the very good from the best players. Getting to understand the psychological part of the game is KEY!, and I emphasize it!

– Why should I get to understand human psychology to get better in a game like League?

The more you get to understand why things happen the more sense it makes. If your teammate starts running the game down or acting in a very childish way for something small like accidentally taking one of his minions or quote on quote his kill is not something a human being with a good mental or physical state or in some cases both would do. Getting mad at him or her would not help you or screaming at him.

This is like going to the grocery store, bumping into someone by accident or because the aisle is small, saying sorry and then screaming back at you ”HEY WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU WANNA FIGHT” and then starting to curse you out.

Do you think that person is well? Of course not, something is off and you are not the reason or at least the main reason why he reacted like that.

Maybe something is wrong for him on that specific day, he might have lost his job, maybe he has been mistreated by someone he loves or his childhood was very rough so he is left with childhood trauma now not being able to deal with his issue or issues and behaving in this certain way.

Of course, there can be so many other reasons but you get the point. This is the same thing with your teammates when they get to act in such a way. When you can get to realize the cause as to why they behave in such a way it is much easier for you to be okay with it, allowing yourself to not be affected and to try and perform your best

Now, there is another thing in the mental/mindset aspect of the game which is learning to deal with uncertainty. This ties back to some extent to what we said before but in the uncertainty aspect of the game, you can include the following things.

Not being able to win every game, you are just 10% of the games that you play in, you will be getting weak-sided or camped without there being much to do about, having teammates who tilt and won’t stop even after kindly asking them to stop, not being able to win every single one of your games, receiving unjustified loses where you were supposed to win but there will be games where you underperformed and still win.

Also, focus on improving and performing better than the last game. Having a growth mindset where you focus on what you can control and influence leaving everything else to the side without allowing external factors to affect your gameplay

If you win or lose, that does not matter to you. If you can magically get from Bronze to Diamond that would be very cool but skill-level wise you are still Bronze, you have not progressed whatsoever this way. Sure you gained LP but nothing else, so what is the point of all those points gained when once you start playing you will get back to where you should be?

Tips and Tricks LOL #2. Keep your champion pool small

lol champion pool league of legends champ pool

– Keeping your champion pool small is very important because you get to pay much less attention to your champion the more familiar you get with him. This frees up a lot of your attention and brain power which then you can look to put into the other aspects of the game.

The more attention you get to free up and the less effort you put into one particular thing the easier everything else starts to become as time goes by. Your brain is becoming less and less occupied.

If you have not figured out the champions that you wanna stick with, look up sites like LOL WIKI for the list of all League of Legends champions categorized by their role. Pick up a few, try them out, stick with the ones that you enjoy and have the most with.

Once that is done search League of Legends Champion Guides and look for guides on the specific champion or champions that you have decided to stick with. I would highly recommend MOBAFIRE for written champion guides and LoLDobby on YouTube for video guides.

The less mechanically intense the champions you pick up are going to be, the faster you will be able to learn them and become good at them.

You can also utilize the free champion pool rotation that Riot Games is offering in the game so you can test out champions without having to buy them with Blue Essence.

Tips and Tricks LOL #3. Learn Wave Management

wave management lol wave management league of legends wave control lol wave control league of legends

Wave management in lol also called wave manipulation or wave tactics is one of the most important concepts in League of Legends. Waves are consistently spawning throughout the game and knowing how to manage them and use them to your advantage is crucial.

They provide 2 out of 3 sources that you can gain an advantage and they are Gold and Experience. The third one is objectives with which they also help to gain access to them. Objectives are turrets, dragons or drakes, rift helard and baron nashor.

By using the waves to create pressure you buy yourself and your team some downtime or free time to do an objective in a much more safe and advantageous way.

It becomes more difficult for the enemy team to make a decision. Do they go for the waves, do they contest the objective or split and do a little bit of both? It is difficult to be put in that spot, right? EXACTLY!

Now about Wave Management in LoL, there are 3 types: Freezing, Slow Pushing and Fast Pushing.

3.1 Freezing

– Freezing is when your wave and the enemy’s wave are sitting at the place for an extended period of time. You can achieve that by letting your wave be at a minion disadvantage, not too much, not too little, resulting in the wave staying at the same place. You trim the wave just enough so it is not too big and not too little so in case you need to pull the wave upwards or simply tank it until your new wave arrives and starts tanking for you.

Here is a video example of creating and maintaining a freeze:

3.2 Slow Pushing

– Slow spushing is when your wave is slowly pushing towards the opposite side of the lane. You can achieve that by creating a small minion advantage resulting in the enemy wave dying at a bit faster pace than yourself.

Here is an example of a wave being slow pushed:

3.3 Fast Pushing

– Fast pushing is quite self-explanatory. This is when a wave is pushing towards the opposite side of the lane in a fast pace. You get to achieve that by actively damaging the wave resulting into a crash once the wave reaches the enemy tower.

Here is an example of a wave being fast pushed:

Tips and Tricks LOL #4. Have better camera control

– Having good camera control is one of the most overlooked and underrated ways to improve your gameplay in League of Legends. Knowing how to move your camera, when to do so and when to use unlocked camera versus locked camera.

In a short but simple summary, you would like to use camera locked when:

There is nothing else to see around the map. If you can see everything that is important to you and gives you valuable information about your next move without unlocking your camera then keep it locked. That would be for example during the early stages of the laning phase. What you need to see 90% of the time during that phase of the game is right in front of you. The waves and your opponent.

Camera unlocked would be useless during a skirmish, let’s say a scuttle fight after the 2 junglers have finished their clears. You see their 2 icons on the minimap and immediately move your camera over there to see if you can move and have enough time to do so.

Another example would be when you are making a rotation from Top to mid for example. You need to see the lane that you are going to, to get the information that you need to decide if the roam is going to be worth it or not.

Another great example would be when there is a team fight happening people are spread out in a wide range of area, resulting in you not being able to see everyone or at least as many people as possible at once if you have your camera locked thus you would like to have it unlocked during the majority of the team fights.

A good general rule about camera locked vs camera unlocked is you want your screen to give you as much information as possible and that information to be relevant and something you care for that will affect your next moves or moves.

Tips and Tricks LOL #5. Be aware of the minimap

Minimap awareness is pretty much directly tied to the camera control that we were talking about above at point number 4. If you do not have good minimap awareness, knowing how to use your camera is going to be pointless and vice versa.

Because both things what they do is give you very important information. You will be missing that information or it will be delayed so you will not be able to make the best decision possible for that specific situation.

Tips and Tricks LOL #6. Stop making things more difficult

– Stop making things more difficult for yourself and overcomplicating stuff. Did you pick a new champion? Good, do not spend time on the runes, items and summoners that you should go for. Use an application like U.GG or POROFESSOR to your advantage.

With their application, you will be able to save a lot of time, energy and make things easier for yourself for the champion that you already play or picked up. No need to worry and put any thought process for those things. You will have all the necessary recommendations based on the stats for that specific champion.

This will allow you to put all that time and energy into other things to help you improve at the game so what are you waiting for? Get the U.GG desktop app or POROFESSOR desktop app and save yourself some hassle.


If you are pushing to improve yourself long-term as a League player this guide is just what you have been looking for. Short, simple and straight to the point. It doesn’t have to be a headache finding a specific direction to move to and more importantly finding a proper one.

All the most important things that someone will need to learn and master before moving up the difficulty level during their League of Legends Climb.

Keep in mind this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything that you need to know, but some of the most important things to start building up on. So what has been the most difficult thing or things that you have experienced with League? I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment below!

Best Wave Management LOL Guide – League of Legends

Wave Management, or Wave Control in LoL, is one of the most important things to know, regardless of whether you play Top lane, Jungle, Mid lane, ADC, or Support. It holds significance across all ranks—from Bronze to Gold to Diamond.

The lower your elo, the faster you’ll see results in your gameplay when you properly manage your waves and gain a better understanding of them.

Conversely, in higher ELOs, meticulous attention to detail and subtle improvements are necessary to set yourself apart and climb the ranks.

Let’s delve into what needs learning and the various types of wave management tactics in League of Legends!

Here are the key aspects to understand:

1) How waves function.
2) Different types of wave management tactics.
3) Their advantages and disadvantages.
4) How to effectively employ them.

Why is proper wave control crucial?

1) It provides better lane control, simplifying your gameplay.
2) You influence your opponent’s actions.
3) It forces mistakes.

Mastering this allows you to position yourself advantageously, resulting in higher success rates not just during laning but also in the mid to late game. Starting the mid-game phase with an advantage makes winning easier.

With proper wave management, consistent pressure leads opponents into making mistakes. The knowledge you’re about to gain will help you achieve this. So, let’s begin!

(To determine the appropriate wave tactic based on matchups, refer to matchup guides for your specific champion. Visit MOBAFIRE for well-written champion guides.)


Casters Minions:

Caster minions league of legends lol wave control

Cannon Minions:

cannon minions lol league of legends wave management

Melee Minions:

melee minions wave lol league of legends

Super Minions:

wave super minions lol league of legends

The 3 types of Wave Management:

1. Fast Pushing:

1.1 Fast pushing involves actively damaging the wave to push it under your opponent’s tower.

Reasons for fast pushing vary:



– You want to recall due to accumulated gold or to reach a power spike/full item.

– The enemy jungler is nearby, posing a gank threat.

– Your jungler is on the opposite side of the map, and the wave is pushing towards your –opponent.

– You aim to set up a dive on your opponent(s), which requires premeditation and planning.

– Roaming or joining a nearby fight necessitates excellent map awareness and camera control.

– Deny enemy laner minions when they’ve recalled or are missing from the lane.

– Compel your enemy laner to return by suspecting their movements, like heading towards mid-lane due to your mid-laner’s aggressive positioning, leaving them vulnerable to ganks.

1.2 The cons of fast pushing are:

– Offering little to no pressure on your opponent can grant them free Gold/XP, disadvantageous against scaling champions with weak early games, such as Nasus or Kayle.

2. Freezing

Freezing Example:

2.1 Freezing involves allowing your wave to remain slightly disadvantaged, positioned a bit further from your tower:

– When you don’t need to be elsewhere on the map

– To deny minions and pressure opponents, deterring them from engaging due to potential ganks

– Against champions with stronger early games, restricting their ability to trade frequently

– Protection from ganks or setting up ganks when your jungler is nearby

– Creating space for extended trades after your opponent’s mistake

– Enabling short, burst trades and poking opportunities

– Remember, adaptability is key as tactics vary with champions and matchups

– Expect the enemy jungler’s interference if they struggle to break your freeze, potentially pressuring your lane.

2.2 Downsides of freezing include:

– Allowing the enemy laner to roam without timely follow-up

– Duration limits: Top lane freezes last up to levels 9 to 11, mid lane up to levels 7 to 8, and bot lane up to level 6 due to the risk of multiple champions diving under the tower.

For the mid lane, freezing is possible up to levels 7 to 8 because champions possess great long-range wave clear and robust items/stats. With just one rotation of abilities, they can wipe out the entire wave.

– In the bot lane, freezing can be maintained up to level 6. Beyond this point, the risk of being dived under the tower by 3 to 4 champions, all equipped with ultimates, is something best avoided at all costs

– Remember, these guidelines are general, and adaptability is crucial. Tailoring your strategy to suit each game’s specific circumstances is paramount

3. Slow Pushing:

– Slow pushing stands as the most potent among the three wave tactics in League. What defines a slow push? It involves gradually pushing the wave towards your opponent’s side. To achieve this, you need to establish a wave advantage and only last-hit minions right before they die. This strategy offers several advantages:

Slow Pushing Example #1

Slow Pushing Example #2

3.1 Slow Pushing Pros:

– Denying minions from your opponent, as engaging in a fight within a large wave usually results in a loss for them. The same applies when you’re on the receiving end of a slow push. Engaging in fights during large waves or slow pushes is rare, and it’s typically better to avoid them

– Greater potential to outplay a 2v1 gank due to the larger wave, which may also prevent certain abilities that can be blocked, such as Graves’ AAs or Viego’s stun

– Opportunities for diving alongside your jungler, allowing ample time to set up the dive and decrease the likelihood of the target surviving. Usually, when faced with a dive or seeking to prevent it, you’d start clearing minions immediately to prompt the tower to assist as quickly as possible

3.2 After crashing the wave but unable to initiate a dive, you might consider the following:

– A clean recall into the wave slowly pushing towards you, resulting in a freeze or catching the wave right on time, losing minimal to no minions

– Roaming to other lanes, potentially assisting your jungler with rift, drake, scuttle, or even invading the enemy jungle to eliminate the enemy jungler or help secure camps safely

– Placing vision in the enemy jungle, offering vital information about the enemy jungler’s whereabouts or absence. An interesting benefit few know: if you had vision of a missing camp after it was taken down, a stopwatch icon appears on your minimap, signaling that the camp will respawn soon, hinting at the enemy jungler’s imminent return once it respawns

– Establishing river vision to spot the enemy jungler or others like the enemy mid or support moving towards your lane

– Gathering a honey fruit from the river for HP/Mana, aiding in extended stays in lane after an even or unfavourable trade. Honey fruits spawn between 6:00 to 6:20 minutes into the game

– Utilizing the plants in the enemy jungle (Vision plant/Blast cone), denying the enemy team access to these resources and ‘starving’ them out

– Approaching enemy camps (ONLY IF YOU CAN TAKE ON THE ENEMY JUNGLER AND NO OTHER LANERS ARE MISSING), which offers similar advantages as placing vision inside the enemy jungle

– Obtaining the scuttle crab, providing vision for potential roams, a movement speed boost for you and your teammates (useful for potential escapes, faster roams, or chasing enemies along the river)

– Securing the dragon, ensuring proper vision setup if unaware of the majority of the enemy team’s positions

– Claiming the rift herald, facilitating a significant tempo advantage and snowball potential while offering increased vision, especially in mid-lane, where waves will push further into the lane, potentially preventing rotations or providing crucial information about them

– Stealing enemy jungle camps, depriving the enemy jungler of resources and potentially tilting them

– Simply staying out of vision (effective in applying pressure for potential ganks or invades). This becomes notably effective in higher ELOs, where players pay more attention to the minimap and communicate through pings to warn their teammates of missing enemies

– With the item ‘Hullbreaker,’ you empower nearby cannon and super minions for five minutes after taking down an enemy inhibitor

– Minions target according to priority, such as enemy champions attacking allied champions, enemy minions attacking allied champions, and so forth

– Minions become stronger and tougher with the acquisition of the Baron buff

– The table below indicates the average gold per wave at different game times and corresponding average gold per cs


Game time | Average gold per wave | Calculations | Average gold per cs
0:00 | 125G | (3 × 21 21) + (3 × 14 14) + (60 60 ÷ 3) | 19.8
15:00 | 147G | (3 × 21 21) + (3 × 14 14) + (84 84 ÷ 2) | 22.6
17:15 | 150G | (3 × 21 21) + (3 × 14 14) + (90 90 ÷ 2) | 23
25:00 | 195G | (3 × 21 21) + (3 × 14 14) + (90 90) | 27.6

– Minions that have already targeted a tower won’t assist you during a dive. Instead, they’ll continue attacking the tower


Having excellent wave management can significantly elevate your ranked games and improve your gameplay beyond your current level. Top-tier players achieve remarkable results in various roles and champions because they grasp the intricacies of wave management.

Understanding this topic can be quite complex and necessitates thorough teaching and comprehension. Despite the abundance of educational League of Legends content available, finding something that’s both simple and detailed can be challenging. However, we’re here to change that!

Remember, everything is situational, and adaptability is crucial. With ample practice, starting from the basics and gradually advancing, you can become a master at managing waves.

Except blogs, videos over at Youtube and mentors like in our site offer help to fasten up your progress and join the rest of our satisfied students!

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the champions you play with and against. Use this guide to delve into wave management, and you’ll witness immediate improvements in your games. (The best YouTube channel to learn about the pros and cons of each champion)

Ensure you practice all the techniques provided here in the practice tool. It’ll enable you to recreate various wave scenarios and become accustomed to them more rapidly.

If you need further assistance, feel free to leave a comment below or visit my Twitch channel where I stream live. You can ask me questions there

Watch my Wave Management video here

The Ultimate Beginners Guide For LOL Yasuo builds

The Ultimate beginner guides for Yasuo builds in LOL or any other champion in League of Legends can be all over the place.

Yasuo – the Unforgiven, a master of the wind (on a wheelchair with his Brother Yone as assistant or not), this high-skill ceiling champion in LOL is known for his flashy plays, swifty movements, and the ability to turn a losing game on its head with a well-timed Last Breath.

In this blog, we’ll unravel the intricacies of Yasuo builds, exploring the diverse paths LOL players can take to harness the full potential of this samurai swordsman.


1. The Core Components: Building a Strong Foundation
2. Classic Crit Yasuo
3. The Lifesteal Variant
4. The Defensive Route
5. Adapt and Conquer: Building Situationally
6. Learning from Defeats: The Path to Improvement

Truth dragon Yasuo lol build

1. The Core Components: Building a Strong Foundation

1.1 Understanding the core components of LOL Yasuo builds is crucial for unlocking his true potential in and outside the Rift.

Yasuo in LOL thrives on Attack Damage (AD), Attack Speed (AS), and Critical Strike (Crit), forming a synergy that transforms him into a lethal weapon.

Let’s break down each element and explore how they contribute to Yasuo’s dynamic play style.

– Attack Damage (AD):

Yasuo’s kit heavily relies on AD to amplify the damage output of his abilities. Steel Tempest (Q), benefits directly from AD, making each basic attack and Q cast hit harder.

Additionally, AD enhances the damage of Yasuo’s critical strikes, elevating his burst damage in skirmishes and team fights.

– Attack Speed (AS):

The fluidity of Yasuo’s movements and the seamless execution of his abilities are tied to Attack Speed. It influences the speed and cooldown at which Yasuo can cast his Steel Tempest (Q) and dash through enemies with Sweeping Blade (E).

Faster Attack Speed augments his overall damage output and contributes to the smoothness of his combos, allowing for more agile and effective gameplay.

– Critical Strike (Crit):

The core of Yasuo’s build damage lies in his ability to land critical strikes. Yasuo’s passive, Way of the Wanderer, doubles his Critical Strike Chance and grants bonus damage on critical hits.

Therefore, Crit is the key to unlocking Yasuo’s build full potential. Items like Infinity Edge increase his Critical Strike Damage, which provides bonus burst damage and synergises perfectly with Yasuo’s kit.

In LOL between AD, AS, and Crit forms the foundation of Yasuo’s offensive capabilities. As summoners embark on their journey with Yasuo, mastering the balance between these core components becomes essential for navigating the complex and high-paced engagements that define our favorite’s samurai playstyle.

In the subsequent sections, we’ll explore how to tailor Yasuo’s build to different situations, allowing players to adapt and conquer the challenges presented on the Fields of Justice.

2. Classic Crit Yasuo build

This Yasuo build focuses on maximizing Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage, turning Yasuo into a weapon of destruction on the Summoner’s Rift.

Here, we’ll explore the key items that define this build for Yasuo and how they synergize with Yasuo’s kit.

infinity edge

Infinity Edge:

The cornerstone of the Crit Yasuo build, Infinity Edge is a monumental power spike for Yasuo. Not only does it significantly increase his Attack Damage, but it also boosts his Critical Strike Damage by 35%.

This amplifies the impact of each critical strike, making Yasuo’s build burst potential skyrocket. Rushing Infinity Edge after buying Kraken Slayer is a common strategy to ensure Yasuo hits like a Tomas The Train in the early to mid-game.

kraken slayer

Kraken Slayer:

The burst from Kraken Slayer complements Yasuo’s aggressive playstyle. The bonus attack damage on every third auto attack (AA) and it synergizes very well with Yasuo’s Steel Tempest (Q), creating a powerful combo that can catch opponents off guard.

The Kraken Slayer burst also enhances Yasuo’s wave-clearing capabilities, allowing him to quickly clear minion waves and rotate to objectives or other lanes.

immortal shieldbow

Immortal Shieldbow:

Immortal Shieldbow is the third piece of the core Crit Yasuo puzzle. It provides additional Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance, Life Steal and a shield from it’s passive.

What makes this item particularly potent on Yasuo is its Lifeline passive, granting a shield when Yasuo falls below a certain health threshold. This defensive utility adds an extra layer of survivability, allowing Yasuo to take more risks in the midst of team fights.

Together, these items create a devastating synergy, transforming Yasuo into a very unpleasant character to face off that can swiftly eliminate enemie targetsin the blink of an eye.

The Crit Yasuo build excels in both sustained damage output and burst potential, making it a popular choice for players who enjoy the thrill of high-risk, high-reward gameplay.

As you embark on the journey of mastering Yasuo, remember that the key to success lies not just in the items you build but in the fluidity of your movements and the precision of your decision-making. You’ll be dancing through the Fields of Justice, leaving a trail of defeated noobs behind you.

3. The Lifesteal Variant

For those Yasuo players who prefer a blend of offence and sustainability, the Lifesteal Variant offers a well-rounded approach.

This build incorporates items that not only amplify Yasuo’s damage but also provide him with the ability to sustain himself in prolonged engagements. Let’s delve into the key items that define the Seasoned Samurai build.

bt bloodthister


At the heart of the Lifesteal Variant is the Bloodthirster, a quintessential lifesteal item. The hefty Attack Damage and substantial lifesteal it provides allow Yasuo to recover health with each successful strike.

This item synergizes exceptionally well with Yasuo’s dueling capabilities, providing the sustain needed to outlast opponents in extended engagements or get back health points (HP) after a fight.

The additional damage granted by Bloodthirster when above 70% HP, further enhances Yasuo’s dueling potential.

bork blade of the ruined king

Blade of the Ruined King:

A versatile item that combines Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and the unique passive effect of stealing a percentage of the target’s current health on-hit, Blade of the Ruined King is an excellent choice for the Seasoned Samurai build.

Its active effect, which deals additional damage and provides Yasuo with a burst of movement speed, adds another layer to his kit, enabling him to stick to targets or escape precarious situations and quickly melt down targets who are stacking HP items.

The Seasoned Samurai build provides Yasuo players with a balanced mix of damage and sustain, making it an effective choice against opponents who excel in prolonged engagements or champions with significant burst potential.

This build shines in scenarios where surviving through sustained damage and outlasting opponents are key to victory.

As you keep on improving your skills with the Seasoned Samurai build, remember that adaptability is the key to success. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both your team and the enemy team, and tailor your itemization accordingly.

With the Seasoned Samurai build, Yasuo becomes not only a masterful duelist but also a resilient force on the battlefield.

4. The Defensive Route

In certain matchups or team compositions where survival takes precedence over sheer offensive power, opting for a defensive Yasuo build can be a wise strategic choice.

The Defensive Route focuses on enhancing Yasuo’s durability, allowing him to withstand bursts of damage and crowd control effects. Let’s explore the key defensive items that can fortify Yasuo on the Fields of Justice.

sterak's gauge

Sterak’s Gage:

Sterak’s Gage is a cornerstone of the Defensive Yasuo build, providing bonus Attack Damage, health, and a shield that activates when taking a significant amount of burst damage.

This shield can be a game-changer in team fights, buying Yasuo precious seconds to turn the tide or make a strategic escape. The synergy between Sterak’s Gage and Yasuo’s tendency to dive into the heart of the battle makes it a natural fit for survivability.

GA Guardian Angel lol items builds

Guardian Angel:

A classic defensive item with a hint of offensive utility, Guardian Angl grants Attack Damage and a unique passive that revives Yasuo upon death with a portion of his health back.

This item not only extends Yasuo’s lifespan in skirmishes but also provides a psychological advantage, discouraging enemies from focusing him down immediately while allowing you to take an ultimate that you usually would not take.

Allowing your team to follow up on your insane multiple men Last Breath (R), cleaning up after your set up and winning the game. The ability to revive and re-enter the fight can turn the tables in critical moments.

omens randuin omens lol items builds

Randuin’s Omen:

In situations where facing multiple critical strike-based champions or marksmen poses a threat, Randuin’s Omen can be a strategic defensive choice.

This item not only reduces incoming critical strike damage but also slowing down nearby enemies for 2 seconds for 55% upon activation. The bonus health and armor contribute to Yasuo’s overall tankiness, making him a fearsome front liner.

Dead Man's Plate lol items builds

Dead Man’s Plate:

Dead Man’s Plate is an amazing item providing Yasuo with not just survivability which consists of Armor and HP but a tiny bit extra damage and movement speed once the item’s passive has been charged up. Gives some extra damage on the next Auto Attack (AA) or Steel Tempest (Q).

Additionally slowing down his target and before that while it is charged up giving him extra movement speed.

DD Death's Dancelol lol items builds

Death’s Dance:

Death’s Dance is an excellent item providing damage and offesinsiveness for Yasuo which makes him even better against team compositions which are leaning more towards Attack Damage (AD).

Providing Attack Damage, Armor, some extra Ability Haste (Cooldown) and it’s passive reducing Attack Damage and Magic Damage by 30% and stores the damage to successively take it as true damage over 3 seconds, dealing a third of the stored damage each second.

If any enemy dies within 3 seconds that you have damaged the stored damage is removed and you heal for 50% of your AD over 2 seconds.

iceborn gauntlet lol items builds

Iceborn Gauntlet:

Iceborn Gauntlet is a great item that can be built mainly against Physical Damage team compositions, providing great defensive stats making Yasuo survive for an extended period while providing a great slow upon using an ability that damages your target.

That slow has a 3-second cooldown from the moment it has been proced. Because of the component sheen once the active-passive has been produced on the target some additional damage gets to be applied on the hit target.

hullbreaker lol items builds


Hullbreaker is an item that has been picked up recently but the Yasuo community providing him with tankiness AKA survivability while being by himself and at the same time, giving him excellent split pusher power, taking down towers at a very fast rate that can be done even faster with Demolish from the Resolve Tree.

gargoyle stoneplate lol item builds league of legends

Gargoyle Stoneplate:

A great item to combat team compositions that have quite some Physical and Magic damage since this item gives you 60 Armor and Magic resist combined with it’s passive which is great to survive team fights that you are most likely going to be the target in or where you get to use your Last Breath (R).

Increasing your bonus armor and bonus magic resistance by 5% for 6 seconds when a champion deals damage to you, stacks up to 5 times for a maximum of 25%. This stacks once per champion and gaining 100 (+90% bonus health) shield that decays over 2.5 seconds on it’s active passive.

maw of malmortious lol items builds league

Maw of Malmortious:

This item is mostly used to get some offensive stats (65 Attack Damage) while getting a bit of a resistance against Magic Damage (50 Magic resist) providing you with it’s life line passive giving you a magic damage shield (200 + 225% for Melee bonus attack damage) for 2.5 seconds. Once that has been activated you gain 12% life steal while in combat

spirit visage lol item builds league of legends

Spirit Visage:

The stats that Spirit Visage gives are: 10 Ability Haste, 450 Health, 100% Base Health Regeneration and 60 Magic Resistance. This item used to be much more common in the older days of League of Legends (LoL) being used much more frequently but nowadays not so much, still it is an honourable mention that can be used in a few scenarios.

Mainly those scenarios are when you have an enchanter support that will actually be giving you shields and heals making great use of the items passive (25% increase of all incoming heals and shields). This includes life steal and any kind of shields from any of your own items.

Choosing the Defensive Route doesn’t mean sacrificing all offensive potential; rather, it’s about striking a balance between damage and survivability.

This build is particularly effective when Yasuo needs to absorb significant amounts of damage while disrupting the enemy team or when facing adversaries with potent burst potential.

Remember, adaptability is key in League of Legends, and the Defensive Yasuo build is a testament to that principle.

Assess the threats posed by the enemy team and adjust your build accordingly to become an unyielding force, weathering the storm and emerging victorious in the heat of battle.

lol adaptability

5. Adapt and Conquer: Building Situationally

5.1 In the ever-changing landscape of League of Legends, adaptability is a trait that separates great summoners from the rest. In LOL, building situationally is an art, and understanding when to deviate from the standard builds is crucial for success.

– In this section, we’ll explore the importance of adapting your itemization based on the unique circumstances of each game and the evolving needs of your team.

5.2 Assessing the Enemy Team Composition:

One of the first steps in building situationally is to assess the enemy team composition. Identify their primary damage sources, whether they rely on physical (AD) or magical (AP) damage.

Adjusting your defensive items, such as armor or magic resist items, based on the predominant damage type can significantly increase your survivability.

5.3 Understanding Individual Threats:

– Not all champions on the enemy team pose an equal threat. Recognize which opponents are fed or are carrying their team, and adapt your itemization accordingly. If an enemy assassin is consistently eliminating your backline, consider defensive items like Guardian Angel or Death’s Dance to mitigate their damage.

5.4 Reacting to Fed Opponents:

In games where one or more opponents are significantly ahead in gold and experience, adapting your build becomes paramount. Investing in defensive items early on to withstand their onslaught can level the playing field and provide opportunities for a comeback. Alternatively, building utility or supportive items can help your team compensate for a lack of individual strength.

5.5 Optimizing Against Tankiness:

When facing a tanky enemy team, incorporating items with armor penetration (e.g., Lord Dominik’s Regards, Mortal Reminder or Blade of The Ruined King) becomes essential. These items are designed to pierce through enemy resistances and health, allowing you to deal more damage to tanky targets and contribute meaningfully to team fights.

5.6 Maximizing Utility for the Team:

Building situationally is not only about defensive adjustments; it also involves optimizing your itemization to benefit the team as a whole. If your team lacks tankiness, consider items like Raduin Omen’s or Force of Nature to provide utility and control in team fights. Actively adapting your build to fill gaps in your team’s composition can turn the tide in your favour.

5.7 Remaining Flexible:

Building situationally requires a flexible mindset. Keep an eye on the game’s progression, monitor the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, and be ready to pivot your itemization plan accordingly. A rigid build path may lead to missed opportunities, while adaptability can turn a disadvantageous situation into a decisive advantage.

– In the intricate dance of itemization, adapting to the nuances of each game is a skill that separates exceptional players from the rest.

Embrace the challenge of building situationally, and let your strategic versatility become a potent weapon on the Fields of Justice. Remember, in League of Legends, adaptability is not just a virtue; it’s a pathway to victory.

6. Learning from Defeats: The Path to Improvement in LOL

learning from mistakes

In the competitive realm of League of Legends, defeats are not setbacks; they are stepping stones on the path to success. Embracing the lessons that losses bring can be the key to continuous improvement as a summoner. In this section, we’ll explore the importance of analyzing defeats, understanding mistakes, and leveraging setbacks as opportunities for growth.

6.1 Replay Analysis:

One of the most effective ways to learn from defeats is to review replays of your matches. Analyze your decisions, movements, and engagements critically. Look for instances where you could have made better choices, positioning errors, or missed opportunities.

Understanding the context of each situation allows you to identify patterns and make informed adjustments to your gameplay.

6.2 Identifying Mistakes:

League of Legends is a complex game with numerous variables, and mistakes are inevitable. However, the key lies in recognizing and acknowledging those mistakes.

Did you overextend without vision and get caught? Did you misjudge a team fight or fail to secure crucial objectives? Identifying the specific mistakes made during a match is the first step towards rectifying them in future games.

– Understanding Macro and Micro Decisions:

League of Legends encompasses both macro and micro aspects of gameplay. Macro decisions involve map-wide strategies, objective control, and rotations, while micro decisions pertain to individual mechanics, trades, and skirmishes.

Effective learning from defeats requires a balance of understanding both macro and micro elements to refine your overall game sense.

6.3 Seeking Feedback:

Don’t hesitate to seek feedback from teammates, friends, or especially COACHES with valid backgrounds, like ours on the site. Other perspectives can provide valuable insights into aspects of your gameplay that you might have overlooked.

Constructive criticism is a powerful tool for growth, so seek an open mindset and actively solicit input from those who can offer valuable perspectives.

6.4 Adapting to the Meta:

In the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends, adapting to the current meta is essential. If you consistently face challenges against certain champions, strategies, or playstyles, consider how you can adjust your champion pool, item builds, or overall approach to better align with the meta.

Learning from defeats involves staying attuned to the changing dynamics of the game.

– Setting Realistic Goals:

League of Legends is a journey, and improvement takes time. Instead of focusing solely on victories, set realistic and measurable goals for yourself. These could include improving your CS (creep score), reducing deaths, enhancing map awareness, or mastering specific champions.

Incremental progress, combined with a commitment to learning from defeats, leads to lasting improvement.

6.5 Embracing a Positive Mindset:

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of learning from defeats is maintaining a positive mindset. Instead of dwelling on losses, view them as opportunities to grow.

Embrace the challenges presented by defeat, and recognize that every setback is a chance to refine your skills, deepen your understanding of the game, and emerge stronger in the long run.

– In the grand tapestry of League of Legends, defeats are not the end but a crucial part of the journey. By actively learning from losses, summoners can transform setbacks into stepping stones towards excellence.

So, embrace the lessons defeat provides, adapt your strategies, and let the journey of improvement propel you to new heights on the Fields of Justice.


In the multifaceted world of League of Legends, the journey of a summoner is a continuous odyssey filled with challenges, victories, and defeats. As we navigate the intricate dance of the Rift, embracing the lessons woven into every defeat becomes the compass guiding us towards mastery and excellence.

League of Legends is not merely a game; it is a dynamic arena where summoners evolve, strategies shift, and the meta flows like a river.

The culmination of understanding the core components of champions, coordinating with your team, adapting to the ever-changing meta, and learning from defeats crafts the tapestry of a true master on the Fields of Justice.

As you embark on your journey, remember that mastery is not instantaneous. It’s a gradual process fueled by dedication, adaptability, and a thirst for improvement. Each defeat is not a stumbling block but a valuable checkpoint on the path to greatness.

The lessons learned from setbacks sculpt your abilities, refine your decision-making, and fortify your resolve to conquer the challenges that lie ahead in LOL.

In the spirit of League of Legends, where teamwork prevails, champions rise, and the wind whispers secrets of victory, take each defeat not as a mark of failure but as an invitation to ascend higher. Analyze, adapt, and approach each match with the enthusiasm of a student eager to learn.

The heart of a summoner lies not just in the triumphs but in the resilience to rise again, stronger and wiser.

So, LOL summoners, as you traverse the Fields of Justice, unleash your potential with the wind at your back and the knowledge that defeat is not a conclusion but a chapter in the epic tale of your League of Legends journey.

The Rift awaits, and within its embrace, you have the power to become not just a participant but a masterful conductor of the symphony that is League of Legends. May your victories be sweet, your defeats be instructive, and your journey be filled with the joy of continuous improvement.

The wind is calling, and your potential is boundless. Seize it, and let the journey unfold.