Starting on your journey through the mid lane as a beginner, you’ll need the right champion to guide you through and lead you to victory.

As a beginner on mid lane, selecting the right mid lane champion can make all the difference in your learning curve and success on the Rift.

In this guide, we’ll explore some beginner-friendly mid lane champions that offer a balance of power, versatility, and ease of play, empowering you to dominate the rift from the very start.

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  1. Annie – The Dark Child:

    – Annie is a quintessential beginner-friendly mid lane champion, renowned for her simplicity and devastating burst damage.

    – Her Q ability, “Disintegrate,” allows her to last-hit minions with ease while also refunding its mana cost upon killing the target.

    – With her passive, “Pyromania,” Annie can stun enemies after casting four abilities, setting up powerful engages or disengages for her team.

    – Her ultimate, “Summon: Tibbers,” summons a giant bear that deals area-of-effect damage and stuns enemies in its vicinity, turning team fights in her favor.

    2. Lux – The Lady of Luminosity:

    – Lux combines long-range poke, crowd control, and burst damage, making her a versatile pick for beginners.

    – Her abilities, “Light Binding” and “Lucent Singularity,” allow her to harass enemies from a safe distance while also providing vision and zone control.

    – Lux’s ultimate, “Final Spark,” is a high-damage laser beam that can snipe low-health enemies across the map, securing kills and turning the tide of battles.

    – With her shield, “Prismatic Barrier,” Lux can protect herself and her teammates from incoming damage, providing utility and survivability in team fights.

    3. Veigar – The Tiny Master of Evil:

    – Veigar thrives on scaling into the late game, boasting immense burst damage potential and the ability to delete high-priority targets.

    – His passive, “Phenomenal Evil Power,” grants him bonus ability power based on the amount of enemy champions hit by his abilities, allowing him to snowball in strength.

    – Veigar’s Q ability, “Baleful Strike,” not only deals damage but also permanently increases his ability power upon killing a unit with it, incentivizing good last-hitting skills.

    – With his ultimate, “Primordial Burst,” Veigar can single-handedly erase squishy targets from existence, making him a formidable threat in team fights.

    4. Ahri – The Nine-Tailed Fox:

    – Ahri combines mobility, burst damage, and crowd control, making her a well-rounded pick for beginners seeking versatility.

    – Her Q ability, “Orb of Deception,” allows her to poke enemies from a distance while also granting her sustain through its healing mechanic.

    – Ahri’s ultimate, “Spirit Rush,” grants her unparalleled mobility, allowing her to dash multiple times and reposition in team fights or escape sticky situations.

    – With her charm ability, “Charm,” Ahri can CC enemies, setting up opportunities for her team to secure kills or engage in favorable trades.

    5. Malzahar – The Prophet of the Void:

    – Malzahar excels at pushing waves, controlling objectives, and locking down high-priority targets with his crowd control and damage-over-time abilities.

    – His E ability, “Malefic Visions,” allows him to spread damage to multiple targets while also replenishing his mana upon killing afflicted units.

    – Malzahar’s ultimate, “Nether Grasp,” suppresses a single target for a significant duration, making it a potent tool for locking down enemy carries or disrupting enemy engages.

    – With his passive, “Void Shift,” Malzahar gains a shield when out of combat, providing him with additional survivability in lane and team fights.


As you venture forth into the mid lane battlegrounds, remember that mastery comes with practice, patience, and perseverance. Experiment with different champions, hone your skills, and embrace the thrill of the mid lane skirmishes. With dedication and determination, you’ll soon find yourself rising through the ranks and asserting your dominance as a formidable mid lane champion.

ONE FOR ALL – Best Champions Season 14

The One for All game mode in League of Legends brings a unique twist to the classic gameplay. Аllowing teams to unite under the banner of a single champion. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into a diverse selection of champions that excel in the chaos of One for All battles. From resilient tanks to devastating marksmen, these champions offer a wide range of playstyles to suit any team composition.

one for all game mode league of legends lol one for all

The Best Champions for One For All:

malphite one for all

1. Malphite: Malphite’s durability and crowd control abilities make him a cornerstone pick in One for All matches. With his passive shield and disruptive ultimate, Malphite can initiate team fights and withstand incoming damage with ease. His ability to soak up damage while setting up his team for success makes him awesome in any lineup.

elementalist lux one for all

2. Lux: Lux’s versatility and long-range capabilities make her a popular choice for One for All engagements. With her skill-shot crowd control and high burst damage, Lux can single-handedly turn a fight around. Her ability to control from a distance while providing utility to her teammates makes her a potent force to be reckoned with.

high noon yasuo

3. Yasuo: Yasuo’s agility and high-damage potential make him a feared adversary in One for All showdowns. With his fluid combos and ability to dash through enemy lines, Yasuo excels at picking off isolated targets and disrupting enemy formations. His ultimate ability, Last Breath, can turn the tables in team fights. Securing crucial kills and swinging momentum in his team’s favor.

miss fortune one for all

4. Miss Fortune: Miss Fortune’s area-of-effect damage and crowd control abilities make her a popular pick for One for All skirmishes. With her ability to rain down bullets upon her enemies and slow them, Miss Fortune can dictate the pace of team fights and control key objectives. Her ultimate, Bullet Time, is a devastating tool that can wipe out entire enemy teams when used strategically.


5. Zed: Zed’s agility and burst damage make him a lethal assassin in One for All battles. With his ability to dash in and out of combat using W, Zed can catch opponents off guard and secure kills with ease. His ultimate ability, Death Mark, allows him to finish off targets and escape, making him a constant threat on.


6. Amumu: Amumu’s crowd control and teamfighting prowess make him a valuable addition to any One for All team. With his ability to lock down multiple enemies with Q and R, Amumu can create opportunities for his team to capitalize on. His passive, Cursed Touch, also reduces the magic resistance of enemies, amplifying the damage output of his teammates.


7. Jinx: Jinx’s high damage output and long-range attacks make her a force to be reckoned with. With her ability to switch between her minigun and rocket launcher, Jinx can adapt to any situation and shred through enemy defenses. Her ultimate ability, Super Mega Death Rocket, is a global ability that can secure kills from distance.


8. Darius: Darius’s sheer strength and dueling capabilities make him a terrifying target for confrontations. With his powerful axe swings and execution ultimate, Darius can cleave through multiple enemies. His passive, Hemorrhage, applies stacks of bleeding to his targets, increasing his damage output and ensuring that no one can escape his grasp.


In the League of Legends One for All mode, these champions stand out as the cream of the crop. Each offering a unique set of strengths and playstyles to bolster their team’s chances of victory. Whether you prefer the unyielding resilience of Malphite, the radiant power of Lux, the relentless pursuit of Yasuo, the relentless barrage of Miss Fortune, the cunning assassinations of Zed, the impactful crowd control of Amumu, the explosive firepower of Jinx, or the brutal dominance of Darius, these champions are sure to make a lasting impression on any One for All battlefield. So, queue up, assemble your team, choose your champion, and prepare for an unforgettable clash of titans!


how to counter yasuo yasuo counters

Playing against Yasuo can be frustrating and very annoying. Probably why you are here. You have been wondering what are the counters of yasuo, what can I do against Yasuo so I can finally win? Well, you are at the right place! Let’s first learn some things about Yasuo and then discuss how to counter Yasuo as well!

Yasuo’s kit revolves around his mobility, dealing critical strikes, and unleashing devastating combos with his abilities. His passive, Way of the Wanderer, gives him double critical strike chance from items but sacrifices some of his base critical strike damage. With low cooldowns and the ability to dash through enemy units, Yasuo can be a formidable opponent in the right hands.


1. Understanding Yasuo’s Strengths
2. Strategies for Facing Yasuo
3. Countering Yasuo
3.1 Mid Lane Counters
3.2 Top Lane Counters
3.3 Jungle Counters
3.4 ADC Counters
3.5 Support Counters
4. Strategies Countering Yasuo
5. Conclusion

1. Understanding Yasuo’s Strengths

Yasuo’s strengths lie in his agility, dueling potential, and ability to dish out massive damage through his kit synergies. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Yasuo a force to be reckoned with on the Rift.

Agility and Mobility

yasuo e dash
Yasuo’s mobility is unparalleled among many champions. His sweeping dashes with his E (Sweeping Blade) allow him to move swiftly through minion waves, champions, and jungle camps. What makes this ability terrifying is its potential to reset upon hitting enemy units, granting Yasuo incredible mobility in fights.

Precision and Critical Strikes

Yasuo’s critical strike mechanic defines his playstyle. His passive, Way of the Wanderer, grants him double critical strike chance from items. With this, Yasuo often builds items like Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer to maximize his critical strike damage. This mechanic turns each critical hit into a devastating blow, making him a late-game threat capable of eliminating squishy targets swiftly.

Ability Synergies and Combos

Yasuo’s kit thrives on chaining his abilities together. His Q (Steel Tempest) can be stacked to unleash tornadoes with devastating range and crowd control effects. When combined with his ultimate, Last Breath (R), Yasuo can suspend multiple enemies airborne, setting them up for follow-up damage from him and his team.

Wind Wall and Defensive Play

His W (Wind Wall) ability offers a unique defensive capability, capable of blocking enemy projectiles. This can completely negate crucial abilities from champions reliant on skill shots, effectively nullifying their impact in team fights.
yasuo wwindwall

High Skill Cap

However, it’s essential to note that mastering Yasuo isn’t an easy feat. Excelling with Yasuo requires precise timing, understanding of matchups, and quick decision-making. Successful Yasuo players are adept at weaving in auto-attacks between abilities, utilizing their mobility to evade enemy attacks while dealing consistent damage.

2. Strategies for Facing Yasuo

Apart from choosing specific champions, there are general strategies to employ when facing Yasuo:

  • Poke and Farm Safely: Yasuo excels in close combat. Ranged champions should focus on poking him from a distance and avoid extended trades.
  • Exploit Cooldowns: Many of Yasuo’s abilities have significant cooldowns early game. Exploit these windows of vulnerability to strike back.
  • Coordinate Ganks: Yasuo is vulnerable to ganks due to his reliance on mobility. Coordinate with your jungler to capitalize on this weakness.

3. Countering Yasuo

Countering Yasuo involves understanding his strengths and exploiting his weaknesses. While he’s a powerful champion, several strategies and specific champion picks can effectively counter his abilities. Here is a decent counter list for Yasuo but let’s explore this further:

Champions That Counter Yasuo:

3.1 Mid Lane Counters:

1. Malzahar

mzalza icon malzahar icon

Malzahar’s kit provides a strong advantage against Yasuo:

  • Suppression Ultimate (Nether Grasp): This ability shuts down Yasuo’s mobility and renders him vulnerable to Malzahar’s damage output.
  • Malefic Visions (E): Offers consistent damage and poke, making it challenging for Yasuo to engage without risking being harassed or pushed out of lane.

2. Annie

annie icon

Annie’s straightforward yet powerful abilities can punish Yasuo’s aggressive tendencies:

  • Point-and-Click Stun (Pyromania): This allows Annie to stun Yasuo easily, setting up for burst combos that can catch him off guard.
  • Burst Damage: Annie’s Q (Disintegrate) and ultimate (Summon: Tibbers) can chunk Yasuo’s health, especially early game when he might lack defensive items.

3. Zed

zed icon

Zed’s mobility and burst potential make him a strong pick against Yasuo:

  • Shadow Manipulation: Zed’s shadows allow him to outmaneuver Yasuo and dodge tornadoes while poking him from a distance.
  • Quick Combos: Zed’s ability to engage with a full combo and disengage quickly can pressure Yasuo and force him to play defensively.

4. Cho’Gath

cho icon cho gath icon

Cho’Gath’s tankiness and disruptive abilities can make life difficult for Yasuo:

  • Sustain and Tankiness: Cho’Gath’s passive (Carnivore) grants sustain, while his high health pool and potential to build tanky items allow him to withstand Yasuo’s burst.
  • Silence (Feral Scream): Cho’Gath’s silence can interrupt Yasuo’s combos and prevent him from using abilities effectively.

5. Syndra

syndra icon

Syndra’s kit offers reliable ranged poke and crowd control against Yasuo:

  • Long-range Poke (Dark Sphere): Syndra can harass Yasuo from a distance, making it hard for him to engage without taking significant damage.
  • Stun (Scatter the Weak): Syndra’s stun can disrupt Yasuo’s mobility and set up combos for herself or her team.

6. Galio

galio icon

Galio’s tankiness and crowd control abilities make him a viable pick against Yasuo:

  • Anti-Mage Tank: Galio’s kit provides tankiness against Yasuo’s damage while having abilities that can disrupt his combos.
  • Taunt (Hero’s Entrance and Justice Punch): Galio’s taunt can catch Yasuo off guard and turn the tables during trades or team fights.

3.2 Top Lane Counters:

1. Malphite

malphite icon malph icon

Malphite is a solid pick due to his tankiness and ability to disrupt Yasuo’s combos:

  • Tankiness: Malphite’s passive shield (Granite Shield) and ability to build armor make him resilient against Yasuo’s damage.
  • Disruptive Ultimate (Unstoppable Force): Malphite’s ultimate can interrupt Yasuo’s mobility and knock him up, disrupting his combos and setting up opportunities for retaliation.

2. Tryndamere

trynda icon tryndamare icon

Tryndamere’s sustain and dueling potential make him a strong pick against Yasuo:

  • Sustain: Tryndamere’s Q (Bloodlust) grants him sustain in lane, allowing him to endure trades against Yasuo.
  • Ultimate (Undying Rage): Tryndamere’s ultimate can nullify Yasuo’s burst damage and turn the tides in extended trades.

3. Garen

garen icon

Garen’s simplicity and tankiness make him a reliable pick to counter Yasuo:

  • Tankiness and Sustain: Garen’s passive (Perseverance) grants him health regeneration, while his W (Courage) gives him defensive stats against Yasuo’s damage.
  • Silence (Decisive Strike): Garen’s Q ability can silence Yasuo, preventing him from using abilities effectively.

4. Renekton

renekton icon

Renekton’s early game dominance and sustain allow him to trade effectively with Yasuo:

  • Early Game Dominance: Renekton’s strong laning phase can pressure Yasuo early, denying him the opportunity to snowball.
  • Stun and Sustain (Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek): Renekton’s stun and sustain abilities help him in short trades against Yasuo.

5. Shen

shen icon

Shen’s tankiness and global presence make him a strong pick against Yasuo:

  • Tankiness and Sustain: Shen’s passive (Ki Barrier) provides a shield, while his Q (Twilight Assault) gives him sustain in trades.
  • Global Ultimate (Stand United): Shen’s ultimate allows him to join fights across the map, countering Yasuo’s potential to split-push.

6. Ornn

ornn icon

Ornn’s tankiness and crowd control abilities can disrupt Yasuo’s engages:

  • Tankiness and CC: Ornn’s innate tankiness and his crowd control abilities like his ultimate (Call of the Forge God) can disrupt Yasuo’s mobility and engages.

3.3 Jungle Counters:

1. Rammus

rammus icon

Rammus is a strong pick due to his crowd control and high armor:

  • Crowd Control: Rammus’s kit offers multiple forms of crowd control, making it difficult for Yasuo to engage or escape.
  • High Armor: Rammus’s high armor scaling synergizes well against Yasuo’s primarily physical damage output.

2. Warwick

warwick icon

Warwick’s sustain and crowd control abilities can make life difficult for Yasuo:

  • Sustain: Warwick’s sustain from his passive and Q ability allows him to outlast Yasuo in trades.
  • Crowd Control: Warwick’s ultimate (Infinite Duress) provides strong lockdown, disrupting Yasuo’s mobility.

3. Jax

jax icon

Jax’s scaling and dueling potential can match Yasuo’s aggression:

  • Scaling: Jax scales well into the late game, potentially matching Yasuo’s damage output.
  • Counter-Strike (E): Jax’s Counter-Strike can block Yasuo’s auto-attacks and abilities, giving him an edge in trades.

4. Sejuani

sejuani icon

Sejuani’s crowd control and tankiness make her a solid pick against Yasuo:

  • Crowd Control: Sejuani’s kit offers strong crowd control, allowing her to disrupt Yasuo’s engages or team fights.
  • Tankiness: Sejuani’s tankiness helps her sustain through fights against Yasuo and absorb his burst.

5. Graves

graves icon

Graves’s burst damage and kiting potential can put pressure on Yasuo:

  • Burst Damage: Graves’s burst potential allows him to quickly trade with Yasuo and threaten him during skirmishes.
  • Kiting Potential: Graves’s ability to kite with his E (Quickdraw) makes it challenging for Yasuo to stick to him during fights.

6. Olaf

olaf icon

Olaf’s early game dominance and sustain can contest Yasuo effectively:

  • Early Game Dominance: Olaf’s strong early game allows him to pressure Yasuo and potentially invade his jungle.
  • Sustain and True Damage: Olaf’s sustain from his W (Vicious Strikes) and true damage from his E (Reckless Swing) can be effective against Yasuo.

3.4 ADC Counters:

1. Jhin

jhin icon

Jhin’s long-range capabilities and crowd control make him a strong pick against Yasuo:

  • Long-range Poke: Jhin’s fourth shot and abilities allow him to poke Yasuo from a safe distance, making it hard for Yasuo to engage effectively.
  • Crowd Control: Jhin’s W (Deadly Flourish) provides crowd control that can hinder Yasuo’s mobility.

2. Miss Fortune

miss fortune icon mf icon

Miss Fortune’s ability to control space and deal burst damage can be effective against Yasuo:

  • AoE Damage: Miss Fortune’s Q (Double Up) and ultimate (Bullet Time) deal significant AoE damage, making it difficult for Yasuo to engage without taking considerable damage.
  • Zone Control: Her E (Make It Rain) can slow Yasuo and control his movement in team fights.

3. Ashe

ashe icon

Ashe’s utility and ability to kite make her a solid pick against Yasuo:

  • CC and Vision: Ashe’s ultimate (Enchanted Crystal Arrow) provides strong crowd control, allowing her team to follow up and lock down Yasuo.
  • Kiting Potential: Ashe’s passive (Frost Shot) slows Yasuo, making it challenging for him to stick to her during fights.

4. Caitlyn

caitlyn icon

Caitlyn’s long-range abilities and traps give her an advantage against Yasuo:

  • Long-range Poke: Caitlyn’s range allows her to harass Yasuo from a safe distance, making it challenging for him to engage effectively.
  • Traps: Her W (Yordle Snap Trap) can provide vision and hinder Yasuo’s movements in the lane or during team fights.

5. Ezreal

ezreal icon

Ezreal’s mobility and poke make it difficult for Yasuo to engage on him:

  • Mobility: Ezreal’s E (Arcane Shift) allows him to reposition and kite Yasuo effectively, making it hard for Yasuo to land his abilities.
  • Poke: Ezreal’s Q (Mystic Shot) allows him to poke Yasuo from a distance, avoiding direct engages.

6. Tristana

tristana icon

Tristana’s range scaling and ability to disengage make her a reasonable pick against Yasuo:

  • Range Scaling: Tristana’s range increases as she levels up, allowing her to poke Yasuo safely as the game progresses.
  • Disengage: Her ultimate (Buster Shot) provides a tool to push Yasuo away when he attempts to engage.

3.5 Support Counters:

1. Nautilus

nautilus icon

Nautilus’s crowd control and tankiness make him a strong pick against Yasuo:

  • Crowd Control: Nautilus’s kit offers multiple forms of crowd control, making it difficult for Yasuo to engage or escape.
  • Tankiness: Nautilus’s high durability allows him to absorb Yasuo’s damage while providing peel for his ADC.

2. Alistar

alistar icon

Alistar’s crowd control and ability to disrupt enemy engages can mitigate Yasuo’s impact:

  • Crowd Control: Alistar’s combo (Headbutt-Pulverize) provides a reliable form of crowd control to disrupt Yasuo’s engages.
  • Peel: His ultimate (Unbreakable Will) grants him tankiness and allows him to peel for his ADC effectively.

3. Janna

janna icon

Janna’s disengage and peel make it challenging for Yasuo to engage effectively:

  • Disengage: Janna’s tornado (Howling Gale) and ultimate (Monsoon) offer strong disengage tools, pushing Yasuo and enemies away.
  • Peel: Her abilities provide shields, heals, and knock-ups that can disrupt Yasuo’s attempts to engage on her ADC.

4. Leona

leona icon

Leona’s crowd control and tankiness can make Yasuo’s engages risky:

  • Crowd Control: Leona’s kit offers reliable stuns and lockdown, making it difficult for Yasuo to maneuver freely in fights.
  • Tankiness: Her natural tankiness allows her to absorb damage and provide peel for her ADC.

5. Morgana

morgana icon

Morgana’s Black Shield and crowd control abilities can neutralize Yasuo’s engages:

  • Black Shield: Morgana’s E (Black Shield) can nullify Yasuo’s crowd control, preventing him from setting up engages effectively.
  • Roots and Stuns: Her Q (Dark Binding) and ultimate (Soul Shackles) offer forms of crowd control that can disrupt Yasuo’s engages.

6. Braum

braum icon

Braum’s defensive capabilities and crowd control can hinder Yasuo’s engages:

  • Defensive Abilities: Braum’s E (Unbreakable) can block Yasuo’s projectiles, reducing his damage output significantly.
  • Peel and Crowd Control: His Q (Winter’s Bite) and ultimate (Glacial Fissure) provide peel and crowd control, making it challenging for Yasuo to engage.

4. Strategies Countering Yasuo

1. Range and Poke

xerath lol

Yasuo excels in close combat. Champions with ranged abilities or poke, like Lux or Orianna, can harass Yasuo from a distance and make it difficult for him to engage effectively.

2. Exploit Cooldowns

yasuo cooldown q

Yasuo’s abilities have noticeable cooldowns, especially early game. Punish him during these windows when his abilities are on cooldown to trade effectively.

3. Jungle Assistance

jungle icon

Coordinating with your jungler for ganks can pressure Yasuo early, as he is vulnerable to crowd control and being locked down before he can utilize his mobility.

4. Itemization

lol tank items

Investing in items that grant armor and health can reduce Yasuo’s burst potential. Ninja Tabi boots can also mitigate a portion of his auto-attack damage.


While Yasuo is a formidable champion with immense potential, he’s not invincible. Understanding his strengths and weaknesses, along with picking or employing appropriate strategies, can turn the tables against him. With the right tactics and champion selection, you can make the Unforgiven feel a bit less unstoppable on the Rift.