Yone is one of the most controversial champions lately in League of Legends. From insane 1 shot outplays to fascinating escapes with his E he has been talked about quite a bit. If you have been one of those players asking yourself ”HOW DID HE EVEN DO THAT” ”THERE IS NO COUNTER TO YONE” , fear not.

In this guide we will give you the ins and outs of what you need to know about how to play against Yone and what counters Yone as well. From laning phase tips, to teamfights and what champions counter Yone.


2. Laning Phase / Mid Game / Teamfights Tips


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  1. Understand his abilities: Yone’s kit revolves around using his spirit form and his physical body. He can quickly dash around the battlefield, deal burst damage, and also has a strong shield.
  2. Respect his all-ins: Yone excels in extended fights due to his ability to deal sustained damage while also being mobile. Avoid extended trades with him, especially when his Q (Steel Tempest) is stacked, as it significantly increases his damage output.
  3. Watch out for his E (Soul Unbound): When Yone casts his E, he leaves his body behind and becomes untargetable. During this time, he can cover a lot of distance. Try to anticipate his return point and be prepared to dodge his attacks.
  4. Use crowd control (CC) effectively: Yone is vulnerable when his mobility abilities are on cooldown. Coordinating with your team to lock him down with CC can be crucial in taking him out before he deals significant damage.
  5. Build defensively: Items like Zhonya’s Hourglass, Randuin Omen’s, or items that offer both defensive stats and damage can help you survive his burst and turn the fight in your favor.
  6. Keep track of his cooldowns: Yone’s abilities have moderate cooldowns early in the game. Punish him when his abilities, especially his E, are on cooldown as it limits his mobility and escape options.
  7. Play champions with high mobility or range: Champions with high mobility or long-range abilities can keep their distance from Yone and poke him down without engaging in prolonged fights where he excels.
  8. Jungle assistance: If you’re having trouble in the lane against Yone, ask for help from your jungler. Yone is susceptible to ganks, especially when his escape abilities are on cooldown.

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2. Laning Phase / Mid Game / Teamfights Tips

Laning Phase:

  1. Harass Early: Yone can be vulnerable before he gets his abilities leveled up. Capitalize on his weaker early game by poking and harassing when possible.
  2. Watch his E (Soul Unbound): Yone can use this ability to engage or disengage. Keep an eye on his position because he can quickly dash back to his body, and you can punish him while it’s on cooldown.
  3. Avoid predictable movements: Yone’s Q (Mortal Steel) allows him to dash through targets. Try not to stand directly behind low-health minions to avoid getting hit by both his poke and wave clear.

Mid-Late Game:

  1. Build Defensive Items: Items like Zhonya’s Hourglass or Guardian Angel can help you survive Yone’s burst and give your team time to react.
  2. Peel and Crowd Control: Yone becomes more dangerous in team fights. Utilize crowd control abilities to disrupt his engages or to lock him down before he can deal significant damage.
  3. Focus on Positioning: Stay mindful of Yone’s potential flanking opportunities. Keep track of him on the minimap and maintain good positioning during team fights to minimize his impact.

Team Strategy:

  1. Coordinate with your team: Communicate with your team to focus him down when he engages or to protect your backline against his dives.
  2. Objective Control: Take advantage of opportunities when Yone is out of position or when his team is weak to secure objectives like Dragon, Baron, or turrets.


There are quite a few champions that counter Yone and here is a full list of them but let’s mention some of them for each lane:

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Top Lane:

  1. Malphite: His passive shield helps against Yone’s burst, and his ability to stack armor while still dealing damage can make it difficult for Yone to trade effectively.
  2. Poppy: Her W ability can deny Yone’s engages by blocking his dashes, and her tankiness allows her to survive his burst while trading back damage.
  3. Shen: Shen’s tankiness and sustain, combined with his ability to mitigate burst damage with his W, make it hard for Yone to secure kills in lane.
  4. Renekton: With strong early game dominance, Renekton can bully Yone in the early levels, potentially gaining a lead before Yone scales.
  5. Quinn: Her ability to poke and kite can make it hard for Yone to engage effectively, and she can punish him in the laning phase.
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Mid Lane:

  1. Annie: Her stun and burst damage can punish Yone, especially early in the game when he’s vulnerable.
  2. Malzahar: His passive shield can absorb some of Yone’s burst, and his ultimate can lock Yone down, disrupting his engages.
  3. Fizz: His mobility and ability to dodge Yone’s abilities with Playful/Trickster can make trading favorable for Fizz.
  4. Zed: Zed’s mobility allows him to dodge Yone’s abilities, and he can outplay Yone in trades with well-timed shadows and burst.
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  1. Vayne: Her mobility with Tumble and Silver Bolts’ % health true damage make it hard for Yone to burst her down. She can kite and duel effectively against him.
  2. Ezreal: With his long-range poke and Arcane Shift for mobility, Ezreal can farm safely and avoid direct engages from Yone.
  3. Tristana: Her long-range and reset mechanic on Rocket Jump allow her to escape Yone’s engages. Tristana’s burst potential can also surprise Yone in trades.
  4. Caitlyn: Her range advantage allows her to harass Yone from a distance, making it difficult for him to engage. Traps can provide zoning and control.
  5. Jhin: His long-range abilities and fourth shot burst can punish Yone during engages. Jhin’s crowd control from Deadly Flourish and Captive Audience can also help control Yone’s movements.
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  1. Janna: Her disengage tools like Howling Gale and Monsoon can push Yone away from her ADC. Her shield also mitigates some of his burst damage.
  2. Lulu: Lulu’s Polymorph and Whimsy can disrupt Yone’s engages or prevent him from reaching priority targets. Her shields and ultimate provide additional survivability for allies.
  3. Nautilus: With his crowd control abilities, Nautilus can lock down Yone and prevent him from freely engaging onto the backline. His tankiness and ability to peel make it challenging for Yone to burst down priority targets.
  4. Alistar: Alistar’s crowd control and tankiness allow him to absorb Yone’s engages and peel for his ADC. His abilities, especially Pulverize and Headbutt, disrupt Yone’s combos.
  5. Morgana: Black Shield can negate Yone’s crowd control, protecting her ADC from his engages. Additionally, her Dark Binding can catch Yone out of position and set up kills.


In conclusion, countering Yone in League of Legends requires a strategic approach and an understanding of his abilities. In conclusion, mastering this matchup involves several key tactics.

Firstly, respecting Yone’s burst potential and avoiding extended trades is crucial. His abilities, especially when stacked, can deal significant damage, so engaging wisely is essential.

Additionally, keeping track of his cooldowns, especially his mobility skill (E – Soul Unbound), allows for seizing opportunities when he’s vulnerable. Coordinating crowd control effects with your team can also neutralize his mobility and damage potential.

Building defensively with items like Zhonya’s Hourglass or Guardian Angel can help mitigate his burst, providing a window to turn the fight in your favor.

Lastly, playing champions with high mobility or long-range abilities can keep you out of Yone’s danger zone, allowing for safer poke and harassment without committing to unfavorable engagements.

Ultimately, countering Yone involves a combination of game knowledge, smart positioning, effective itemization, and teamwork. Practice, experience, and adapting your strategy will aid in mastering this challenging matchup in League of Legends.